Ariana Grande’s 2020 Net Worth & Her New Mansion

Ariana Grande is not a new name in the music world. She started her career at a very young age; so after many years, what is Ariana Grande net worth in 2020?

Before becoming famous, Ariana Grande was a lady living in silk. She was born in Florida, USA in a family with a father who owns a design firm and a mother, a CEO of a media company.

From an early age, Ariana has shown singing and acting skills. She appeared in musicals such as The Beauty and the Beast, The Witch of Oz.

In 2008, at the age of 13, Ariana was determined to pursue art seriously. She moved to Los Angeles with the ambition of acting on Broadway and recording a debut R&B album.

Despite her true talent, Ariana Grande was not taken seriously by the record labels because she was so young.

In 2010, Ariana was recruited by TV channel Nickelodeon to play Cat Valentine in the sitcom Victorious series. The film achieved great success and Ariana had the opportunity to show her talent in both acting and singing.

The 15-year-old girl quickly gained a large number of fans and was signed as a solo singer. Ariana Grande’s career has since skyrocketed. She is constantly the owner of big hits on the Billboard charts and collaborates with top entertainment artists.

How Ariana Grande made her 2020 net worth

Success and reputation coming soon for Ariana Grande means money earned like water.

For the Victorious television series alone, she earned $ 9,000 for every episode, which is about $ 513,000 for a total of 57 episodes. She also earned about $ 7,500 for the soundtrack she presented, a figure not small for a 15-year-old child star.

But it was not until his career flourished as a singer that Ariana truly “made money”. Her hits like Bang Bang and Side to Side brought in $ 29.5 million through online downloads.

Ariana’s 2015 Honeymoon Tour grossed $ 40 million after 8 months around the world. Dangerous Woman’s tour of 2017, still “raises money” for 71 million dollars after 7 months of touring.

It is calculated that every night the young singer also collected an additional $ 50,000 in souvenirs of her name is sold at the venue.

Ariana became a music phenomenon, the idol of the teen world. And she followed in the footsteps of Britney Spears or Paris Hilton by launching her own perfume brand. Just in 2017, her perfume line earned $ 150 million worldwide.

Subtracting all expenses, the annual profit that Ariana Grande earned was $ 45 million (about over VND 1,000 billion), an enviable achievement in her twenties.

Having lived in wealth since a young age, Ariana Grande did not seem to put much weight on money. She once wrote on her personal page: “I’m not too concerned about money. Because money cannot buy love”.

As of 2020, Ariana Grande net worth is 73 million dollars according to Forbes Magazine.

Ariana Grande’s new mansion in 2020

Ariana Grande has just spent $ 13.7 million to buy a luxury villa in Bird Streets in Los Angeles (California, USA).

The villa, open-style, unique, has an area of about 938 m2 with 4 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. Across the house is equipped with glass walls so homeowners can easily enjoy the natural scenery, Los Angeles streets.

The living areas in the house carry luxurious wheat tones mainly from hardwood floors. The living room is large and bright with open view to the city.

A unique drinking space with intricate interiors is an interesting place to welcome guests and friends. Luxurious, airy kitchen, integrated with a small dining area. The room is has a series of modern cooking tools. The main bedroom is large and elegant, filled with natural light from the glass windows; with a seating area and a spacious balcony for sightseeing. The main bathroom is elegant, predominantly white and adorned with high-class amenities made of expensive stone.

The lavish closet closet is an indispensable facility for an entertainment star like Ariana Grande. And the unique L-shaped swimming pool area is the ideal area for outdoor parties.

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