Nicki Minaj Boyfriend (Now Husband) Arrested As A Sex Offender

According to the NBC channel, Nicki Minaj boyfriend 25 years ago was in jail for four years, for raping a 16-year-old girl. After serving his prison term, Kenneth was required to register as a sex offender in his place of residence as required by US law.

In mid-2019, he moved to California to live with Nicki Minaj. In November 2019, the police arrested Kenneth Petty because he refused to register a sex crime. The rapper’s boyfriend was bailed out with the amount of 20,000 USD.

On March 4, the same incident happened when Kenneth Petty was under arrest for the second time for not agreeing to register. Due to the recurring violation, the police decided to arrest and hold a trial on the same day.

The lawyer of Kenneth Petty expressed his wish that the court could consider and handle it lightly because the case happened for many years. Along with that, Nicki’s husband had to wear a tracker at his ankle, had his passport canceled, could not go anywhere out of the state he registered to live in.

Nicki Minaj during the past 2 days is still monitoring the case of her boyfriend. According to a source, she spent 100,000 USD to bail him out. The next hearing will be by the court on March 23.

The sudden arrest of his husband also accidentally made Nicki Minaj the focus of attention. Despite receiving many contacts from the media, the female rapper refused to respond.

Nicki Minaj – Kenneth Petty started dating in 2018. During the time together, there’s a rumor that she was pregnant, but the rapper denied it. At the end of October 2019, Nicki Minaj said she had completed the marriage registration with Kenneth.

Due to the criminal past of Nicki Minaj boyfriend, the two’s relationship faced opposition from the audience, even the fan of the female rapper. In response to all criticisms, the hit owner “Turn me on” defended her husband and asserted that he was not afraid of his past.

“Thank you for being with me for many years. But love, marriage is up to me, I know the man next to me well and he makes me happy. As for what belongs to the past, let’s never say it again,” said the rapper.

Nicki Minaj is very happy now. She said “We have known each other since we were living in the same neighborhood as a child. He fought with my boyfriend because I don’t belong to him. He’s always a little bit crazy. He’s like the male version of my best friend TT. Both of them can calm me down with just a look, a hug, or a word. I always confide in them because it is my peaceful place. They know me since childhood, so they probably understand me in a different way from everyone else.”

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