Britney Spears Net Worth And Her Spending In 2020

Britney Spears is one of the most prominent icons of the world pop music industry. As of 2020, Britney Spears net worth is around 59 million dollars. Because of her unstable mental health, she cannot fully control her personal finances.

Britney Spears currently owns a fortune of 59 million USD. According to Nielsen, a market research firm, she ranks 4th on the list of best album-selling American artists of all time. Photo: Getty.

The singer has had 10 tours so far, with the most recent one titled Piece of Me Tour, with total ticket sales of about 54.6 million USD. Photo: Getty.

Britney Spears also uses her reputation to do business. Her website sells a wide range of items, from clothes to wine glasses, in the $15 – $65 range. Photo: Getty.

In addition to singing, Spears also makes money by participating in movies and TV series, and by judging music competitions. Photo: Getty.

Moreover, thanks to advertising contracts with Skechers, McDonald’s and Pepsi, Britney Spears earns about $12 million. Photo: Getty.

Cooperation with fashion brands, especially perfumes, has brought Britney Spears a relatively large income. Photo: Getty.

Britney Spears’ finances have been managed by her father and a lawyer. She has been guarded since 2008 because the mental health of this singer is not stable. Photo: Getty.

Pop stars often choose flashy places for their vacations in the amount of thousands of dollars per night. Photo: Getty.

In one year, the female singer spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on health care services, hairdressing, clothing, bodyguards, pet care, and household items. Photo: Getty.

Besides, Britney Spears spends $20,000 a month taking care of her two children. Photo: Getty.

Despite owning many cars, Britney mostly drives a Mercedes-Benz and a Porsche. Photo: Getty.

With a big net worth, Britney Spears currently lives in a large villa worth 7.4 million dollars in the city of Thousand Oaks, California. In addition, she also owns another house in the city of Kentwood, Louisiana to spend as a place to live for her mother. Photo: Engel & Volkers.

The pop princess actively participates in charity activities. For instance, she raised $1 million for an organization in Nevada about children with cancer. Photo: Getty.

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