Keanu Reeves: A Silent Good Person

Keanu Reeves is famous as one of Hollywood’s nicest stars. And only Keanu is known as ‘Keanu is too good for this world’.

Naomi Fry, author of The New Yorker opened the article titled Keanu too good for this world? by leading negative stories happening every day. In that paragraph is information about shootings, fatal accidents, frivolous lifestyle … mentioned close together. And she called the news about Keanu Reeves the “antidote” for the negative information.

A simile that seems humorous and far-fetched compared to the small actions that Keanu still does every day but in fact, a top Hollywood star like Keanu is living a simple, honest, silent, loving life. There is rarely a second person like that around.

If talking about Keanu and how to live as an “antidote” between complex societies, it is the actor’s time to go to the theater in the cheap seats; times to make room for the elderly and children on the subway; walks on the sidewalk and smiling to ask people or pictures of him feeding pigeons on the side of the road … But that is not enough to better understand a man with a warm heart With the money he earns, he has spent most of his money on charity activities, protecting animals and nature.

“Keanu is too good for this world?” The proposition can make the reader a little confused, whether Keanu is too good or the people – society is getting worse so that kind things like him are becoming too rare? The answer is not for Keanu because he still lives like that, quiet, loving and lonely; The one to answer is us. Among the choices, once choose to live as kind as Keanu.

In stories told about Keanu from several colleagues and people met him. Whether working on long-term projects or just fleeting, a sweet, warm feeling is what people say about Keanu.

Recently, when New Yorker editor Michael Luo opened the “Keanu Reeves” activity (Keanu stories) on Twitter, he received a series of interesting sharing. A Twitter user remembers meeting the actor 15 years ago, after The Matrix’s success, as a bartender. The man recounted that the actor was the most beautiful man he had ever met: “We talked about the guitar, about the enjoyment of high-displacement bikes and alcohol brands for about 30 minutes.”

PJ Quint, on the other hand, recalled meeting with Keanu Reeves in New York. “I was a receptionist in an apartment building in New York City, when Keanu walked towards me. I looked at Keanu Reeves and he introduced himself as a person, not waiting for me to recognize and call out his name. smiled and asked me, “Hey, how are you?”. PJ Quint never thought that Keanu would be approachable and proactively greet others like that.

Sharing memories of Keanu, New Zealand actor Melanie Lynskey said she attended an animal show and met Keanu. She said, he asked her if there were any pictures of the dog wearing the costume? The actor wants to take that cute picture. The way of talking and close attitude help Keanu make a good impression immediately with actress Melanie Lynskey. She did not think a man with a strong appearance, who loved speed, had an interest in the image of a small dog dressed in clothes.

And Amanda Meynke said she worked with Reeves in the re-release of the film John Wick. “The actor asked me shyly, what does his job mean in my life, as if his role this time will help release well? He is very kind to me. “Thank you very much even though I really haven’t done anything for you. You kissed me on the cheek, how can I forget it,” Amanda said.

An Australian writer, Rosie Waterland, recalled when she was a struggling college student. At that time, Rosie worked at a movie theater in Sydney and one day, Keanu appeared. Rosie Waterland has the role of escorting the actor to the stage. In her story, Rosie recounts that Keanu is a sweet, quiet, and caring person.

“I walked beside someone who was at the peak of his art. Keanu turned to me while the whole cinema was full of people cheering him. He wished me good luck and I laughed because I didn’t know how to respond. I should have been the one who told you that. I cannot forget the moment you winked at me,” wrote Rosie.

“Super polite”, “super sweet”, “super cute” are the words web users comment on the stories told in Stories about Keanu Reeves. In particular, the story of Keanu’s smile and warm eyes is constantly being mentioned.

Naomi Fry, the author of the article, tells about two brief but sweet memories with Keanu. “Once in 2006, during a performance of dancer Pina Bausch, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, I saw Keanu sitting a few rows away from me on a cheap chair. His long legs were crammed into a small space in front of me. Three years later, at a Film Forum, I saw him appear with a big box of popcorn for everyone. These moments were fleeting, but I “kept” them with me, cherishing them sometimes, the way you hold a crystal or a talisman,” she wrote.

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