James McAvoy and top 3 reasons why the movie critic should have awarded him the Oscar for Split


James McAvoy is a brilliant actor who has attended numerous box office projects, from the drama Atonement to the thriller Glass, recently. Throughout his acting career, he critically acclaimed and received a lot of nominations and awards, but Oscar award is in the exception. Dated back to 2017, James had a stunning role in the thriller Split that was highly recommended. There was  Kevin Wender Crumb who caught the Dissociative identity disorder and had 24 personalities in control. They are from Barry the fashion designer, Patricia the maternal, to Hedwig the 9-year-old. But unfortunately, The Oscar didn’t go to, even nominate his dedication. So, follow us to look back on the critical role again.

1. The excellent script comes from talented director M Night Shyamalan.

Being well-known 1999 blockbuster The Sixth Sense, director M. Night Shyamalan came out of almost nowhere to become one of the year’s greatest sensations. Before Split, he marked the stunning comeback with The Visit in 2015 which provides horror fans with a satisfying blend of thrills and laughs. However, it seemed to until 2017 thriller Spilt hit the theatre, the critics applauded more his directing career. With the unique and brilliant script, Split has to be the most triumphant film of M Night Shyamalan’s career and also, paves the way for the first yet perfect cooperation between him and James McAvoy.


Seventeen years after storming the big screen with 1999’s “The Sixth Sense” and 2000’s “Unbreakable,” Shyamalan’s name becomes popular more than any director and being declared Hollywood’s new master of suspense in the process.

2. The perfect cooperation between James McAvoy and the staffs

There was the first time that The Irish actor James McAvoy had the combination with the ‘Unbreakable’ director, especially in this super nature thriller. In this show, McAvoy gives a stellar performance when embodies as 23 split personalities, who are under the control of the Beast, figures of 24th.  But they also want to take the light to show themselves. It is the most complicated character that James McAvoy portrayed in, he said. Just because the flexible acting skill of James makes the triumphant of Split, the rest of the actors and actresses have their moments to pull the movie off.


 Shyamalan has never been this sincere and focused, not even in his brilliant first few films. And then there is the final moment, starting with the musical reference. The movie was praised for bringing the blending of brutal, exciting, and fascinating. It makes the audience shaking while the end credits are rolling.

3. The brilliant performance comes from himself- James McAvoy.

 It is no exaggeration to say that Kevin Wender Crumb is one of the hardest roles that James McAvoy has starred as. Preparing for the role takes more than six months in physical training. James reported that he had spent the hardest train course with the expert to get the ideal body. Besides, he did practice his mind to quickly portray the character with 24 personalities. They trapped three girls and contributed them to the Beast. And the struggle for survival among all of those personalities in the finale is the most stunning performance of this character. It tornsJames’s character between two decisions: continued to conduct his dream or let the real personality takes the light. And the plot twist, in the end, would make you intrigued.

Not only does McAvoy put on an acting clinic in Split, but he delivers something of a cinematic high-wire act. It is a crafted thriller that sinks its hooks into its audiences early; it’s a deft blend of tension, emotion, and dark humor. Hollywood had fascinating stories about people with multiple personalities. So, there’s a touch of the familiar about it all. Still, it never gets old seeing an actor dive into it the way McAvoy does here. With the promising casts Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, Haley Lu Richardson, Jessica Sula, and of course James McAvoy, the Split should have received more than the Oscar awards, even for James himself.

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