How Are Michael Jackson’s Children 2020?

We haven’t seen much about Michael Jackson’s children in 2020, not even photos. So are you curious about how they are doing?

Prince Jackson

Michael Jackson's Children 2020 - Prince Jackson

The eldest son of Michael Jackson, Prince, did not succeed his father to join showbiz, but chose a business.

After his father’s death, Prince no longer lived secluded, but became more rebellious and needless. The eldest Jackson also revealed that he was a flower boy when he was repeatedly spotted going out with different girls on the street. Prince has also been photographed by paparazzi smoking suspected marijuana. However, maybe that was the way Prince used to soothe his beloved father too early. Prince once told Vanity Fair that he deals with the loss by immersing himself in life in every way he can.

Michael Jackson's Children 2020  - Prince Jackson

More mature, Prince reveals that he is a funny guy who loves them. However, Prince seems to be closer to his sister than his youngest brother Blanket. He repeatedly “escorted” his sister to the event, taking intimate photos on Instagram. Prince also supports his sister’s pursuit of modeling.

Unlike his sister, Prince does not pursue art. He graduated with a degree in business from Loyola Marymount University. Later, he founded his own company called King’s Son Productions.

The last time Prince appeared in the media was with his sister Paris for a fundraising event in November 2019. He stood out with his long hair and sparkling gem tuxedo.

Blanket Jackson

Michael Jackson's Children 2020 - Blanket Jackson

Blanket is considered the quietest boy among Michael Jackson’s children in 2020 even.

If one could find information about the eldest son, Prince Jackson or the second daughter, Paris Jackson, in the press, it would be extremely difficult to know where the youngest brother Blanket Jackson went.

At the funeral of Michael Jackson that day, people choked to see Paris Jackson burst into tears saying goodbye to his father. Mourning to see the eldest Joseph Jackson lost his day to see off his father. Blanket, then, was quietly crying and leaning against his brother and his father’s relatives.

Michael Jackson left his son with the money that he could live a full life but could not make him smile a happy smile during his childhood. As of April 2020, the total net worth of Blanket’s possessions is about $ 100 million.

An acquaintance of the Jackson family revealed that, since his father died, Blanket lived alone, playing by himself in a private room because everyone was busy with the worries of his life.

Although the relationship of the three siblings is still good, but both Prince Jackson and Paris have their own lives, so Blanket could not ask for care from them.

Michael Jackson's Children 2020 - Blanket Jackson

The boy lived a closed, simple life and almost kept away from all the noisy towns. 18 years old, but Blanket does not use social networks, does not communicate with the noisy public crowd.

Blanket is currently attending the best school in Саlіfоrnіа. The boy spends a lot of time on comic books and game research.

In February 2020, Paris Jackson shared on his personal page the picture of his youngest brother on his 18th birthday: “My brother has officially become an adult today. What is happening?” So, I used to change his diaper but for a moment now he has become a healthy, smart, kind guy.He doesn’t like the noise so I can only say that. Happy birthday, brother. “

Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson's Children 2020 - Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson

After her father’s death 10 years ago, Paris Jackson suffered so much physically and mentally that she wanted to free herself by committing suicide.

By July 2009, the whole world of Paris collapsed when Michael Jackson died. In a moment of loss of shelter, the 11-year-old girl sobbed because she missed her father. Paris also hangs a picture of Michael in the room so he can always see the person he loves most.

Paris, with Prince and younger brother Blanket, was taken care of by his grandmother after his father’s death. That was when she began to be more open to the outside world. She gradually came to life with rebellion, letting go to hide the great pain inside her soul.

The girl cut short hair, tattooed a lot of pictures, makeup flashy, and dress personality shortly thereafter. And yet, she also sought death by cutting hands and taking 20 painkillers. Paris admitted she was depressed at the time, and no one helped, so she thought about it.

Images of repulsive, provocative dresses of Paris appeared everywhere with criticism and sympathy from the public. After the pain of losing her father, she continued to suffer from being sexually assaulted by an unknown man, resulting in psychological instability.

Paris decided to go to psychotherapy at a health care center. She also shuns social networks and negative words. However, in 2016, she continued to pursue a rebellious and personality style. She also smokes and uses drugs.

Not only that, but Paris is also shocking to love homosexual model Cara Delevingne. In 2018, the female stars were seen cuddling in front of a restaurant in Los Angeles (USA) and next, they implied affection for the other on Instagram. However, this love ended quickly.

The current lover of Paris is Gabriel Glenn. Paris Jackson fell in love with the singer after they formed the band called The Soundflowers from June 2018.

Since loving Gabriel Glenn, Paris Jackson loves life, more optimistic. The female model laughed more when she met the camera. \

What do you think about Michael Jackson’s children in 2020?

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