Mariah Carey’s Boyfriend

After a scandalous relationship, we are curious who Mariah Carey’s boyfriend is. The answer is: the dancer Bryan Tanaka!

Mariah Carey’s boyfriend was on a fun trip with her in the end of 2019. Before that, he was criticized for being shy about sex. Meanwhile, Mariah Carey was in the scandal of “cuckold” by billionaire James Packer.

Recently, Mariah Carey was enjoying a romantic evening with young love in New York, USA. In the photo posted on the Daily Mail, the cult diva held Bryan Tanaka’s hand, beaming brightly when she saw the reporter’s lens.

This is the first time she publicly appeared in public. Before that, there was the scandal of revealing photos of playboy, adultery with Tanaka. At that time, she was preparing to marry casino billionaire James Packer in 2016.

In addition to being quite happy, fans also pay attention to the increasingly toned body of We Belong Together. One commented: “She walked miserably in those tight jeans. Mariah is about to become the second Kathleen Turner.”

“No matter how gastrectomy, liposuction, muscle tension, makeup, and designer clothes look like she looks like a fat old rat squirrel.” others said.

Mariah Carey’s in an interview with Cosmopolitan

Recently, in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the 50-year-old star revealed that she and music producer Tommy Mottola had been in an unhappy 5-year marriage.

“I am really a young bride. You know, I am completely under control and lost the freedom of a person to love him. To me, this marriage is like living in prison”, she confessed.

And yet, Carey confirmed that she has only loved 5 people since singing. According to the singer, that is a very small number in comparison to her colleagues in the entertainment industry. The American star also said that he was very shy about sex.

Carey’s share came out as fake because before that, she was famous as a star with a sick sexual interest, a complicated school with many young men.

Many times, she has asked hotel staff to take steamy photos to send to her lovers.

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