Net Worth of Vin Diesel

Let’s have a brief look at the net worth of Vin Diesel. Fast & Furious is one of the most successful movie series in history. The total turnover of 9 parts amounting to more than $ 6 billion worldwide. After a series of ups and downs, Vin Diesel and the product team have gained many significant achievements.

The blockbuster series Fast & Furious has raised the name of Vin Diesel to a new level. What Culture magazine ranked this superstar in the top 10 actors with the highest box office gross in Hollywood history. In 2017, Forbes called Vin Diesel “a man worth $ 6 billion”. In fact, total ticket sales of the movies he participated in have surpassed this number. It clearly demonstrated Vin’s box office guarantee power.

Net Worth of Vin Diesel He has the highest total net salary in the world in 2017 

For more than two decades, Vin has built the image of a muscular hero on the screen. In addition to Fast & Furious, Vin Diesel has appeared in hit action series such as Chronicles of Riddick and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. He also voiced the character Groot in the superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

Although his acting career was not diversified. It only encapsulated in almost blockbuster entertainment. But thanks to the huge success of the Fast &Furious series where he starred in the project, the value of his name increased significantly.

Net Worth of Vin DieselForbes magazine rated Vin Diesel as the highest-earning actor with an estimated fortune of $ 200 million

Moreover, Vin Diesel is one of the artists with the most “big” fans in Hollywood. On Facebook, he has nearly 100 million favorite people, nearly 10 times more than Tom Cruise’s page.

Net Worth of Vin Diesel Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is also a fan of this Fast & Furious star

Vin Diesel’s family life is also relatively private. On World Entertainment, he said, “I don’t like being on magazine covers. I adhere to the silence principle of the legends Harrison Ford, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino.”

He and his long-time girlfriend Paloma Jiménez have three children. His youngest daughter Pauline (born in 2015) was named after his late co-star Paul Walker. Vin Diesel rarely shares his family in public to protect family members from the media. Everything the audience knows is that his small family has been strong and happy for 10 years.

Net Worth of Vin Diesel The family came to congratulate Vin Diesel when he was honored on the Walk of Fame

Despite rich net worth of Vin Diesel, during his 16 years as an actor, he still lived in a small 2-bedroom house on Hollywood Hill. The actor only moved to a new house in 2016 when he welcomed the third child and needed a bigger space to raise the children.

Net Worth of Vin DieselSimple home of the million-dollar-worth superstar

As the eldest brother of the biggest screen racing team, Vin Diesel does not have the passion to collect cars as people think. Both co-stars Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson often appear in supercars of brands Aston Martin, Ferrari F12, Audi S8. Only Vin Diesel chooses to use 7-seat SUVs to be spacious enough for the whole family.

Net Worth of Vin DieselVin Diesel is often spotted driving a GMC Yukon that costs around $ 58,000

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