Justin Bieber Net Worth Vs. Hailey Bieber Net Worth

Justin Bieber recently dropped a new album and he is now a married man. We all know that Justin and Hailey, Justin’s wife, net worth have a big difference. So what is Justin Bieber net worth in 2020?

As of 2020, Justin Bieber net worth is 285 million USD, and his wife Hailey Baldwin has only 2 million USD.

The difference is so large that the making of pre-marital contracts has been questioned.

Justin Bieber net worth: Does he need a premarital contract?

Bieber and Baldwin are still referred to by many as a fiancé, but since the news of both of them getting married, the US Weekly has referred to them as a married couple. In the dim sea of information, the couple did not correct because they were busy “kissing around the world” (as the words of Ireland Baldwin, Hailey’s cousin).

And the topic that is while being in love, whether Bieber and Baldwin will still make a premarital contract to avoid the hassle later.

“Less nonsense and get a premarital contract right away”

That’s a headline on TMZ’s Bravotv page that reports Justin Bieber has realized the risks of a lack of marriage. Previously, the male singer had once affirmed he would not sign a contract and would live “happily ever after” with Baldwin.

With $ 265 million in assets, it’s hard to act so careless. TMZ wrote: “There is information that Justin will not be in a contract because he and Hailey are both very religious and sincerely believe in the vow only when death separates us. But that information is incorrect. Justin has been convinced that only madmen do not sign prenuptial contracts, so he is considering “.

Peter Walze, the leading attorney for handling divorces in Los Angeles, argues that the cause is not just money.

“I tell my clients that, first of all, a rich, powerful, and famous person needs a marriage contract to deal with troubles and future heart attacks. That should be fair talk about expectations and finances, “Walze said.

In the case of Bieber, the lawyer said that the male singer may be “devout and don’t want to bring the law into his marriage, but he still needs to think carefully like when signing a recording contract or renting a house because He has so many assets, he needs to protect himself. “

Walzer insists that a pre-marriage contract is not just for divorce, but also for use upon death. “People don’t understand that there are only two ways to get out of a marriage: divorce or death. If you’re going to die (everyone won’t die) then you also need a marriage contract.”

Justin Bieber net worth vs. Hailey Bieber net worth?

The most famous singer in the world, Bieber has a net worth of 285 million USD at the age of 26. His income comes from selling music, touring, fashion clothes, following his name, working as an advertisement model and a trademark.

Specifically, according to RIAA’s statistics, Bieber has revenue of 68.5 million USD from digital music and 13.5 million USD from selling discs. His touring sales are incredible: 3 world tours and all with huge sales. In particular, the Purpose tour earned $ 250 million in tickets, Believe collected $ 200 million, My World was the smallest at $ 53 million.

Besides, the sale of T-shirts branded by Bieber in cooperation with major fashion brands also brings a large revenue; often combined with touring, so the revenue is quite good. The latest Urban Outfitters sold at the Purpose tour was out of stock.

As the most influential brand name among young people in the world, advertising contracts also poured into the country. These are contracts with Calvin Klein or OPI nail polish. According to MSN, OPI paid Bieber $ 12 million to promote the One Less Lonely Girl collection. That year Bieber was only 16 years old.

By comparison, Hailey Baldwin with $ 2 million at age 21 is not bad at all. Her agency is IMG, one of the largest modeling companies in the world. She had an advertising contract for Ralph Lauren at the age of 18 and made money from fashion show activities.

Even so, Baldwin’s fashion career is slowing down compared to other IT Girl of the same age as Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner … This year, she also does not perform at the ongoing fashion week. that spending time with Bieber. Many people believe that because the family is so rich (the Baldwin family in Hollywood), Baldwin’s ambition to make money is not high.

It can be seen that Bieber will lose more if divorced without a pre-marriage contract. Whether prenuptial property is usually not part of the marriage.

After marriage as a powerful couple, making more money will complicate things.

“If there is a clear agreement in the contract, when there is a problem, there will be less disputes,” Walzer said. “There is often millions of dollars wasted in paying lawyers.”

Such a contract is to protect both sides, according to the lawyer, not just to protect the richer. “Marriage is a romantic affair, but it is also a kind of partnership like in business; and we do not anticipate what will happen,” he said. “You need to protect both sides.”

If Bieber and Baldwin get a divorce, Baldwin himself wants a guarantee of her rights. Moreover, both are not of the same nationality, Bieber is Canadian and Baldwin is American. If they file for divorce, they have many options: Canada or New York, Los Angeles? Each place will have different rules, different tax policies.

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