Ben Affleck’s Career Then and Now: The Revival after the Marriage with Jennifer Garner

From a handsome actor with a noisy private life and repeatedly failed movies, Ben Affleck had a wonderful comeback when he got married with Jennifer Garner.
Ben Affleck had entered the entertainment industry since he was a kid in PBS educational programs and advertisements. Later, Ben participated in a number of movies with minor roles such as the one in “Dazed and Confused”. In 1995, he got acquainted to the screenwriter actor Kevin Smith on the studio of movie Mallrats. Two years later, Kevin brought Ben a breakout main role through the independent comedy Chasing Amy.

In the same 1997, Ben and his best friend Matt Damon stepped up to become big stars when the movie “Good Will Hunting” in which they wrote the screenplay gained Oscar award. At that time, Ben was dating with a red-haired actress Gwyneth Paltrow who was known for the highly rated film “Shakespeare in Love”. Thanks to the reputation of Gwyneth, Ben was more and more popular. He quickly won the lead role in blockbuster Armageddon. Unfortunately, it was criticized to be failed by professionals.

Young Ben Affleck

Ben’s acting career began to decline when movies such as Reindeer Games (2000), and Pearl Harbor (2001) failed miserably. His private life was not very bright, too. In 2001, Ben had to go to a rehabilitation center. A year later, he started dating pop star actress Jennifer Lopez. At thật time, Jennifer was the center of many tabloids because of her previous love affair with P. Diddy and her quick marriage with Cris Judd. The couple quickly became the focus of the media with the nickname Bennifer.

When being in love with J.Lo, Ben considered their marriage and asked her for it. However, the wedding was delayed because of “huge media attention”. At that period, Ben’s career increasingly decreased especially the movie Gigli starring with his girlfriend J.Lo. This movie was considered to be one of movie disasters of the era. In addition, the debut of superhero movie Daredevil (in collaboration with Jennifer Garner) did not reach the expectation.

Ben’s career increasingly deteriorated during dating with J.Lo

Gigli’s failure led to the disbandment of Bennifer couple. Ben admitted to Details magazine that 2003 was the worst year of his life. At that time, Ben began to date with Jennifer Garner, who was his a partner in Daredevil and previously Pearl Harbor. At that time, Jennifer was a potential actress thanks to the television series Alias. Jen’s likable image and her positive energy gained a lot of attention from the public, which had a positive impact on Ben who was currently gained bad talk of the press. The couple quickly got married in 2005. Shortly after that, they welcomed their first daughter Violet.

Ben and Jennifer Garner in Daredevil

From a handsome actor with a scandalous private life, Jen helped Ben turn to the man of the family. He also gradually regained the respect in his profession. Ben was praised for his supporting roles in Hollywoodland and State of Play. Next, he showed the talent behind the lens through the crime film The Town (2010) which was highly appreciated in the profession.

When the career revived, the couple Ben – Jen welcomed 2 more daughters. They took turns to take the children to school and playgrounds. Images of the couple and their princesses playing on the streets like other families had won the heart of the public. To get this, Jen temporarily put aside her acting career to take care of her family and assist Ben with his business in work. In an interview, the 42-year-old actor admitted his success was largely due to his wife: “Being acquainted with Jennifer, and then loving her gave me the foundation to decide to participate in Hollywoodland.”

Regarding Argo directed by Ben, the film marked a turning point in the great success when resonating at Oscar. Speaking when accepting the award, Ben thanked his wife: “I want to thank you for your hard work in our marriage over the past 10 years. It is the best achievement that I want to share with you more than anyone else”.

The actor thanked his wife for his speech at the Oscar for the movie Argo

Jennifer Garner proved to be a wife wholeheartedly supporting her husband. She supported Ben during his foundation of the charity fund “Eastern Congo Initiative” in 2010. She loved watching her husband speaking in the Senate on foreign policy.

However, the couple’s home gradually wavered and they finally divorced in October 2018.

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