16 Years Together of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Before Their Divorce

In October 2018, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner divorced after separation. After the court’s decision, the two Hollywood stars were no longer legally related. They finally closed their relationship lasted16 years with many ups and downs.


The two met in the studio of movie Pearl Habor (2001) and then began to fall in love since their both participation in Daredevil (2002). Ben Affleck starred in the role of blind hero Daredevil, while Garner incarnated as the killer Elektra.

On Playboy, Affleck said, “We fell in love since this movie. On the screen, she won most of the clashes. And our quarrels later were similar.” At that time, Affleck was dating Jennifer Lopez while Garner was in the marriage with actor Scott Foley.


After breakups with their exes, the two stars officially dated in mid-2004. They went to a baseball game together in October 2004.


Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Garner on April 17, 2005. After that, they held a private wedding in June 2005 in an Atlantic archipelago. At that time, the two stars were 33 years old (born in 1972) and Jennifer was a four-month pregnant.

In December 2005, Jennifer Garner gave birth to her first daughter, Violet. This was a difficult time for Ben Affleck with many non-popular movies criticized by critics. Thanks the encouragement of his wife, he began to rediscover his glory in Hollywoodland (2006), Gone Baby Gone (2007) and The Town (2010).


In January 2009, the duo welcomed their second daughter, Seraphina Rose. In the same year, the storm began to come when Affleck was rumored that he flirted Blake Lively who was his co-star in The Town. However, the two actors denied it.


In 2010, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck gave many compliments to each other. On Parade, the actress said her husband was charming and kind. They spent time together despite their busy schedules. And Affleck shared on the program of Ellen DeGeneres: “I love Jennifer crazily. I have the best family.”


The year 2013 was a happy time in the couple’s marriage. They welcomed their third son, Sam, in 2012. Furthermore, movie Argo directed by Ben Affleck won an Oscar. Despite not being nominated for an Academy Award “Best Director”, Ben Affleck still had a gold statue as a producer.

Ben Affleck said emotionally when he received the Oscar statue: “I thank my wife for keeping the marriage through 10 Christmas seasons. It’s a good marriage. It is like a job, but it is the best job. I don’t want to do this job with another person. It doesn’t matter how many times the life has beaten me. It’s normal. The important thing is that we have to stand up. Violet, Sam and Sera, this golden statue is for you.”

Out of emotion, Ben Affleck made a mistake about the number of years the couple had married. At that time, he and Jennifer had only been married for eight years.


In 2015, Hollywood was surprised when Jennifer and Ben announced their separation after 10 years. It was rumored that Ben had cheated with nanny Christine Ouzounian (left), especially after the leaking of picture she appeared in his plane cabin.

However, in 2016, on Vanity Fair, Jennifer Garner said the cause was not due to Ben Affleck adultery. The couple did not specify the reason for their breakup.

After the separation, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner still traveled many times together. They maintained friendships, took care of their children together and talked well about each other on the media. The two stars took their children to travel in London in May 2016. Affleck dated producer Lindsay Shookus from mid-2017 to mid-2018.

Over the past three years, Ben Affleck had been on the decline in his career. His Batman roles in Batman v Superman (2016) and Justice League (2017) were criticized. The film Live by Night (2016) directed by him failed at the box office. In 2017, the actor had to go to alcohol rehab. On October 4, Ben Affleck sent a letter to his fans right after leaving the rehab. The actor’s journey of giving up alcohol had great support from his family, including his ex-wife.


In October 2018, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner officially divorced.

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