23-year-old-less Girlfriend Protects her Relationship with Leonardo Dicaprio

Morrone assumed that human has the right to date with anyone that they love in spite of the age gap.

Morrone was noticed by the statement about her relatioship with a 23-year age gap. She shared on The Los Angeles Times: “At Hollywood or any place in any period of time, there have been various relationship with big age gap. I just think that human has the right to date with the one they expect”.

Camila Morrone on international film festival Marrakech to broadcast movieMickey And The Bear

DiCaprio’s girlfriend knew the reason why her relationship was concerned by many people. “If I were an outsider, I would also be curious about this love story”.  Howerver, Morrone was confident that she could make other people remember her as a potential actress instead of the girlfriend of a well-known actor. 

Morrone has grown up in Beverly Hills, US. She is the daughter of an Italian male supermodel and an Argentinean actress. Before becoming an actress, she had been a model.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone publicized their relationship in December 2017. They don’t express the age distance when being side by side. Despite other people’s evaluation, DiCaprio and his girlfriend are still happy in their love. 

According to Us Weekly, Leo is ready to settle down with Camila and has already planned for their marriage.  

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