Will Smith hits the new project with Bel-Air Athletics new limited edition.


Being acclaims as one of the most wealthy men in Hollywood, Will smith often gains his income from lots of different sources. Before becoming an elegant actor, he used to be a famous rapper who first received the Grammy Awards, the trailblazer for the rap industry. Nevertheless, the most important source brings him the bacon is his movies, yes, definitely right. But, there is another source that also brings him a bunch of money, this is brand ambassador revenue.


Last week, Will Smith posted a promoting video clip for the Bel-air clothing line for which he is the main ambassador last year 2019. In this time, Bel-air brand comebacks with a new limited edition Bel-Air Miami (Home/Away). Instagram account Bel-Air Miami (Home/Away)” draws inspiration from the 1990s with Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes uniforms. Besides Alma Mater Crewneck and Sweatpants which designed as a homage to the 1990s HBCU sweatsuits, Morehouse College was assembled and printed in Los Angeles. It is in a Limited Edition of 150 pieces.


The Brand General Manager for Bel-Air Athletics informed about the new edition. It was important for them to capture Miami’s distinct look and feel while merging it with our brand’s signature style.  Will Smith also tweets that: “Miami just agrees with me spiritually, and emotionally; I just believe places have that for certain people and it’s an X-factor.”



They named the unisex line Miami Heat All-Star Bam Adebayo follows ambassadors for Bel-Air Miami (Home/ Away). It includes the Bengal Varsity Jacket, the Split-Time Hoodie, the VK Miami tees, the Bel-Air Bengal tee, and Bengal Socks. They were sold out all time.

Bel-Air Athletics’ clothing line marked the big impression by a lot of hot ambassadors. They are Bam Adebayo, Florencia “Flo” Galarza, Matt Werner, Denmark Carla Sands and now, Will Smith. Being one of the trailblazers of this clothing line, Will Smith actively shares his exciting feeling as well as the honorary who spreads the inspiration to people. Beside it, he also took part in Onitsuka Tiger clothing line and MEXICO 66 SD sneakers. He received huge attraction from not only movie fans but also fashion fans, blooming to a fashion icon in the Hollywood industry.


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