Selena Gomez with Some Styles Making her Look Like a Lady

In recent days, Selena Gomez has surprised the public with continuous transformation of apperance. She sometimes appears like a lady, sometimes making mistakes of fashion at events.

Recently, Selena Gomez has become a favorite topic when appearing with new shapes. This is a series of her photos when she attended The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon.


This 27-year-old singer was praised for a retro hairstyle. Despite her cheesy-color dress, she still exuded elegance and femininity.


This hairstyle helped Selena Gomez attract much attention when appearing on the streets of New York, USA. The singer dressed simply with a milky sweater and wide-legged jeans. She used ton-sur-ton brown handbags and boots.


Selena perfected retro style with eye-catching makeup. This 9X bolded eyeliners and used pink lip gloss. Her big stone eyerings were in harmony with the whole outfits.


Before, Selena was controversial when wearing brown suit. Many people assumed that this outfit made her look older. On the contrary, others thought she looked elegant and mature in this suit. 


Except the moment that she wore bangs, Selena Gomez often appears with low bun hair. This hairstyle helps this 9X beauty to be prettier and more mature. Wide blazer mixing with down tube jeans is a favorite mix-and-match formula of Selena. 


Selena Gomez’s recent shape has always been a topic of great interest. Previously, the singer attracted attention with her fresh appearance when attended the premiere of movie Dolittle in Los Angeles, USA. Despite having an error in costume when choosing inappropriate lingerie, this 9X beauty still received many compliments on her beautiful appearance.

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