Rihanna Makeup Line – Fenty Beauty

Rihanna makeup brand is expected to soon surpass Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian’s brands.

In September last year, Fenty Beauty, a makeup line by Rihanna, officially launched and quickly created a fever on a large scale. Not only “sold out” across the US, but Fenty Beauty products also make beauty believers overwhelmed. It is because of the rich color palette that can meet the needs of all skin tones, all races; from Albino to African people with the darkest skin.

Rihanna makeup brand is surpassing the Kardasian’s

Up to now, Fenty Beauty has been expected to surpass both Kylie Cosmetics of Kylie Jenner and KKW Beauty of Kim Kardashian, Fenty Beauty has been predicted to surpass the Kylie Cosmetics of Kylie Jenner and become the famous cosmetic brand named by the celebrity. best selling globally.

Although Fenty Beauty has not yet released a specific revenue report, according to a survey by data research firm Slice Intelligence, Fenty Beauty has 5 times the revenue of Kylie Cosmetics in the first month, and high. more than 34% in the second month. If this performance continues, there is a prediction that in just a few months, Fenty Beauty will depose Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty.

KKW Beauty has achieved a staggering $ 14 million in sales after its first launch in June 2017. Meanwhile, Kylie Cosmetics has achieved total sales of $ 420 million after 18 months in operation. It is going to become a billion-dollar brand by 2022. Both Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty are all Super money machine “crisis”. They have revenue that even the leading cosmetic brands have to dream. However, Fenty Beauty is also capable of surpassing both of these brands, really admiring Rihanna’s.

According to Slice Intelligence, Fenty Beauty’s customers also spend more than customers of the two brands. On average, a customer of Fenty Beauty spends 471 USD / year to buy its cosmetics while the figures of Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty are 181 USD and 278 USD respectively.

In addition, Fenty Beauty is also the cosmetic brand with the most diverse customer base. It has the highest percentage of customers being African-American and Hispanic among all three brands; as well as having the highest percentage of Asian customers. The white group is the smallest customer percentage of Fenty Beauty.

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