Morgan Freeman Then and Now: 10 Excellent Movies of His Life (Part 1)

Morgan Freeman then and now has been a talented actor who has many big distributions for the seventh art. Let’s review the best movies of this “old man”

10. Invictus (2009)

Morgan Freeman had a nomination for an Oscar in a biographical film about the late South African President Nelson Mandela. The work told the first steps in Nelson Mandela’s attempt to eliminate racism after serving as president of South Africa through the Rugby World Cup in 1995.

Morgan Freeman Then and Now: 10 Excellent Movies of His Life

Not as flashy, gimmicky, or too dry as historical genre films, the movie was an emotional story bringing the hope of peace and unity. It gave the audience a new look at the issue of racial discrimination.

Through Invictus, Morgan Freeman had proved himself to be a professional actor after successfully completing the character of Nelson Mandela. He was a man with a calm, funny, and confident appearance. But the inside of him was wisdom and a respectable intelligence.

9. Batman Begins (2005)

The beginning of the 21st century saw the superhero movie line going into a rut. In fact, Fox’s X-men brand was still struggling to find a place after the first two movies. Batman Begins appeared like a new taste on the cinema table.

Morgan Freeman Then and Now: 10 Excellent Movies of His Life

The movie told the story of the origin of Batman. From Bruce Wayne’s initial fear of bats and the death of his parents, he became Batman and faced the battle against the destruction plan on Gotham city of Ra’sal Ghul and Scarecro.

In the movie, Morgan Freeman played the role of a senior employee of the Wayne Group. He worked for the Applied Science Department of the company. At this place, he conducted advanced research on biochemistry and mechanical engineering. Fox supported much of what Batman needed and was named CEO at the end of the movie when Bruce recaptured the company. Freeman was the first and only choice of screenwriter Goyer for the role.

8. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

This was the third episode and the end of the Batman series directed by Christopher Nolan. Although it was not as excellent as its predecessor, it is undeniable that The Dark Knight Rises had brought great values.

Morgan Freeman Then and Now: 10 Excellent Movies of His Life

After the death of attorney Harvey Dent from the end of The Dark Knight, Batman took the responsibility for crimes of Dent to protect the reputation of the so-called “hero of Gotham”. He became a character hunted by the whole city and had to flee. The movie continued maintaining the role and value of the character Lucius by Morgan Freeman.

7. Se7en (1995)

The image of a calm, mature, and experienced character has followed Morgan Freeman throughout his acting history. Referring to him was referring to the symbol of righteousness. One of them we could not help but mention was the role of Lieutenant William Somerset in psychological crime blockbuster “Se7ven”.

Se7en started with the scene that police Mills (Brad Pitt) and his pregnant wife moving to a new city. Mrs. Mills’ intuition told her that the city was not safe for her childbirth. Mills had a new colleague who was Somerset (Morgan Freeman). Both of them had to investigate continuous terrifying cases.

After a while, Mills and Somerset recognized the murderer based on the “Seven Crimes” list, the original sin group for all other crimes according to the Bible’s concept. Each victim had one of the crime such as being arrogant, greedy, lustful, and so on.

In the movie, Morgan Freeman fully portrayed the image of an experienced, calm, and mature police officer who never stopped fighting.

6. Gone Baby Gone (2007)

During his acting career, Morgan Freeman frequently appeared as a supporting actor. However, with full experience, he not only was not overshadowed but somewhat overwhelmed the main role. One of them was the psychological drama Gone Baby Gone directed by Ben Affleck.

The movie was an adaptation of the novel of the same name by writer Dennis Lehane. It told the story of the mysterious search of a 4-year-old girl by two private detectives in the darkest area of the subterranean suburb of Boston, America. After the call for help from her aunt, the two embarked on a quest despite knowing that they were risking their own emotions, viewpoints, and lives.

In the movie, Morgan Freeman played the role of Captain Jack Doyle working as the crime prevention unit for children. He showed his bravery of experience. With small but quality roles, Morgan made the audience remember him more than the main character.


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