Henry Cavill as Superman for 9 Years

The future of Henry Cavill’s Superman character is still vague. However, the actor said he has no intention of giving up this iconic character of DC comic. Let’s see the 9-year journey of Henry Cavill as Superman.

Moments of Henry Cavill as Superman during the 9-year journey

Henry Cavill had his first cast as Superman in 2011 and made his debut in Man of Steel two years later. He is a British actor with a height of 1m85.

Henry Cavill as Superman for 9 Years

As normal, Superman was a poor reporter Clark Kent who wears thick glasses. However, Kent was still handsome even when he did not wear the red robe. In a scene of Batman vs. Superman, in the middle of Lex Luthor’s luxurious party, Kent stood there listening to all the whispering stories between Bruce Wayne and Alfred. Therefore, he discovered a secret without doing anything.

Maybe not the most successful actor as Superman, but Henry Cavill is surely the most handsome Superman just after Christopher Reeve. Every time he appeared, he took the heart of many girls. 
Critics considered his performance in DC movies was not really convincing. However, Henry had shown the hard effort of an actor in bringing the “human” feature into an imaginary image which was too tough through many generations of Superman.
  Henry Cavill as Superman for 9 Years
In Man of Steel, he left an impression on viewers in the scene when Superman learned how to fly for the first time. He accepted the huge power flowing in his body and heavy responsibility put on him.
Henry Cavill as Superman for 9 Years
Henry touched the viewer’s hearts by the way he gently embraced Lois Lane when she fell from a skyscraper.
Henry Cavill as Superman for 9 Years
Audiences also remembered the scene where Superman begs Batman to save his mother in Batman vs. Superman. In spite of owning the superpower, Superman still put his heart first when he faced a desperate situation.
One of the most memorable scenes from the DCEU series was the scene in which Superman faced a hearing at a parliament building. He was called to explain a massacre that he did not know about and had never been involved in.
Henry Cavill as Superman for 9 Years
Faced with accusations and skepticism from the community, Kal-El still behaved as the most exemplary citizen. Although he possessed tremendous power, people still saw a humble superhero who slowly answered all the questions.
Despite his innocence, he was still present at Capital due to his choice instead of being arrested. Superman had listened to the all accusations silently and responded with honest words that he hadn’t prepared in advance. That was also one of the moments when Henry Cavill’s acting was most clearly demonstrated.
Henry Cavill as Superman for 9 Years
Then we saw Superman dying and truly revived. The death of this character was like an end to the hope of the world in the DCEU. Despite being a temporary scene, it still dropped a dark layer on the remaining characters. Without Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman seem to get lost when facing too strong enemies.
After all, when Kal-El’s form was reborn, he looked back at his Superman costume and remembered the words which the father said to him: “With all the changes you go through, one day you will recognize those are blessings. And when that day comes, you will have to make a decision. You need to decide whether you will stand before humanity with pride or not.”

Henry Cavill continues to play the role of Superman

The British actor first portrayed this iconic superhero character in Man of Steel in 2013. He then returned to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 and Justice League in theaters in 2017. In 2018, rumors of Henry Cavill’s retirement from the role of Superman appeared. At that time, Warner Bros had made a vague statement: “There has not had any plan for the upcoming Superman movies yet. We always have special respect and a good relationship with Henry Cavill. It will not change.” Dany Garcia, the assistant of Henry, also denied the rumor, but it still created confusion among audiences.  
However, his fans became happy again when the muscular actor has negotiated to play this legendary role in the upcoming DC movie recently. In an online conversation with the star Sir Patrick Stewart,  Henry Cavill expressed his feelings when he transformed into Superman Clark Kent in the DCEU. “I’ve always been a fan of Superman. For this character, I have to wear the red cape both on-screen and in real life. It becomes an image of me. Children don’t necessarily consider me Henry Cavill, but they can recognize I am a Superman,” he said.

The handsome actor rated Superman as a great character. Therefore, he saw himself having a great responsibility when taking on the role. “I will be very happy if I could continue to play Superman for many years to come,” Henry shared.

Also in the conversation, Henry Cavill expressed Superman was one of the roles that changed his entire career. The actor was extremely grateful for that.

According to Variety, Cavill has signed a contract with Warner Bros to become Superman again. However, the studio has not had any plan to make a new movie about Superman. Therefore, it is likely that Superman would only play a supporting role or a cameo.

When appearing in director Zack Snyder’s live stream to announce a special edition of the blockbuster Justice League, Henry confided: “Superman has an inner depth that I need to explore more. I hope the Super image could be as authentic as possible from the comic to the big screen.”

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