Henry Cavill Then and Now: From an Overweighed Boy to the Superman

Recognized as an actor with “the most Superman-like appearance”, Henry Cavill has become a desirable gentleman of many women. However, few people know that, he did not have a happy childhood just because of his weight.

 An isolated overweighed boy

Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill was born on 5/5/1983 on Jersey Island, Channel Islands, England. He attended High School at a boarding school in Buckinghamshire. During this time, young Henry felt guilty about his overweight body. Remembering that, Henry said: “I was very fat, so I was called a fat Cavill. I became the target of teasing from my friends.” At that time, Henry thought he would join the army or go to Egypt to study ancient history.

Henry Cavill Then and Now: From an Overweighed Boy to the Superman

Having a lucky opportunity to meet actor Russell Crowe when he went to his boarding school to film a scene in the film Proof of Life, Henry risked asking the actor for useful acting experience acting. He got the advice: “Any 1000-mile journey begins with one step.”

After this accidental meeting, no one expected more than 10 years later, the two had the opportunity to reunite as father and son in the blockbuster Man of Steel.Henry Cavill Then and Now: From an Overweighed Boy to the Superman

Being fortunate with television but unlucky with cinema

Leaving high school, Henry began to lose weight and try out the supporting roles in The Count of Monte Cristo, Red Riding Hood 2011, Stardust, and some unpopular TV series.

The opportunity came to Henry in 2007 when he played the role of Duke of Suffolk called Charles Brandon in the popular TV series The Tudors. This series told the history of King Henry VIII. The series was a huge success when it was nominated for the 2007 Golden Globe and received the Emmy Award in 2008. And Henry also began to build his reputation with a nickname “The most handsome Duchess”.

Some of the roles in blockbusters had fallen out of his reach including the role of James Bond in the Casino Royale. Even though film director Martin Campbell supported Henry, the producer still rejected him because he was too young. In terms of leading role Edward Cullen in the series Twilight, he couldn’t get it because he looked too old to play the role of a young vampire. When he had the opportunity to appear in the movie In the Cold Light of Day (2011), the result failed in both sales and quality. 

Making efforts to become a superhero 

Before being famous for the current Superman image, Henry Cavill used to lose this role in two parts Superman Flyby and Superman Returns. It was not until 2013 that Henry Cavill’s efforts were finally recognized when he was chosen for the leading role in the blockbuster Man of Steel. The investment of this movie was up to 225 million USD.

In order to have the muscular body of a superhero in the comic book original, 5 months before the shooting, Henry Cavill must follow an extremely harsh diet and exercise. As a result, Henry completely convinced the audience that he was worthy of being the “Steel Man”. In addition to physical factors, Henry also successfully conveyed the story of Superman’s growth in Smallville, Kansas, in the form of young man Clark Kent.

The outstanding performance of Henry Cavill made the movie become a phenomenon and achieved a huge turnover of $ 668 million. The movie also helped Henry create his fame.

According to Henry, the best thing the role Superman gave him was that he could donate to two charities in real life. This helped children to believe that there may exist a Superman in the real-world.

Confronting Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 6: Fallout

Fans of popular action series Mission Impossible felt more excited when Superman Henry Cavill joined in the Impossible Mission 6: Fallout) with the legendary Tom Cruise. In this movie, Henry played the role of August Walker, a CIA agent, who was the rival of Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and the IMF.

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