Why Megan Fox Is Called the Mobile Vase of Hollywood

Megan Fox is an interesting case in Hollywood. In terms of beauty, she is like a “sex bomb” of Hollywood. This gorgeous woman appeared in the global spotlight seemingly out of nowhere; with her beautiful blue eyes, long brown hair, and killer figure. But the 28-year-old star insisted she did not like to party, socialize, and only had two romantic relationships in her life.

In terms of career, most of the movies she participated in received negative reviews. But approximately 10 cinematographic works that Megan Fox has contributed to so far have reached $ 1.8 billion.

Megan Fox’s destiny with blockbuster entertainment

Beauties possess a fiery sensuality emanating from their eyes, these lips were shunned by friends when they were in school. Fox shared that when he became famous, “everyone hated me because I was a lost species.” With a straightforward and somewhat aggressive personality, she has almost no gender friends and often has to eat lunch alone in the school bathroom. This contributed to making Fox “disgusted with the school” and then decided to drop out of school at age 17 to go to Los Angeles to try his luck with the entertainment industry.

Joining dance lessons from the age of 5 and having a 6-year modeling experience, Megan is confident enough. She made her first film debut in 2001 with Holiday in the Sun (2001), but this work was little known because it was only released on DVD.

After several supporting roles in the comedy series Two and a Half-Men or Bad Boys 2, Megan Fox finally made her official theatrical debut with Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004). In the movie about teenage girls, Fox plays Carla Santini – the “enemy” that rivals Lola (Lindsay Lohan) in the battle for a role in a school. The film received relatively positive responses, helping Fox become a remarkable young face.

Three years later, Megan Fox made a worldwide breakthrough with the Transformers blockbuster. In the series of transforming robots, she plays the beautiful Mikaela Baines. Mikaela is the girlfriend of Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), who accidentally owns a Transformer, Bumblebee, and causes all relatives to be caught in the fight between Autobot and Decepticon robot sides …

The film directed by Michael Bay became a worldwide box office phenomenon when it grossed $ 709 million. The name Megan Fox has also been raised as a new symbol of sensuality, with the image showing perfect curves by the car.

Transformers earned Fox a nomination for “groundbreaking performance” at the MTV Movie Awards and three other nominations at the Teen Choice Awards that year. However, this beauty expressed dissatisfaction when sharing: “I performed poorly in that movie. It was my first decent film. The movie is not bad, but I’m not proud of what I did. When you make a movie like this, your acting skills are not proud when everything revolves around cinematic techniques ”.

Even so, Fox still signed a contract to play two more Transformers episodes. Released in the summer of 2009, the sequel titled Revenge of the Fallen is even more successful in terms of revenue with $ 836 million. But unlike the positive reviews of the first episode, “Rebellion of Regret” received terrible criticism from experts and later also received the Golden Raspberry Award for “Worst Film”.

As if he wanted to add fuel to the fire, Fox also publicly criticized director Michael Bay in an interview with British magazine Wonderland: “Fly like Hitler on set. Working with him was like a nightmare. ” As a result, producer Steven Spielberg decided to cut the contract with this beauty and replaced her by the beautiful Rosie-Huntington Whiteley in Transformers 3 later.

However, the relationship “the rice is not good, the soup is not sweet” between Fox and Bay was later resolved. The evidence is evident that she was starred – the brave beauty April O’Neil side by side with four ninja turtles against the New York underground forces in the new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The list of producers of this work also includes Michael Bay and he also publicly published in the newspaper that the conflict with Megan Fox is the past.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles once again shows Megan Fox’s charm with entertainment films. Although it did not receive much praise, the film grossed $ 65 million on the opening weekend to become the North American box office champion.

Megan Fox is still the mobile vase of Hollywood

Up to now, despite having participated in about 10 films, Megan Fox’s acting ability has never been appreciated. It is still thought that she is like a “mobile vase” that beautifies the film and attracts more men to the theater. Megan Fox herself has once admitted that “if it weren’t for good, I wouldn’t have been an actor”.

However, Megan Fox has often been compared to Angelina Jolie – Hollywood’s top star over the past decade. According to the media’s comparison, these two actresses own a lot of similarities. Both Jolie and Fox are like sex icons of the movie capital, with sensual emanations from the spirit to the body. Megan Fox has been repeatedly listed by the magazines: Maxim, FHM, GQ, People, Esquire … at the top of the list of the most beautiful people on the planet.

Like her older sister, Jolie, Megan Fox is also passionate about tattoos, has a rebellious personality, and has been open about having sex with men. But Megan Fox’s career still has a long way to go to get a position like Jolie today. Right from the start, Jolie was noted not only for her appearance but also for her impressive acting skills. By the age of 24, she had the golden statue of “Best Supporting Actress” Oscar for her role in Girl, Interrupted.

Commenting on the comparison, Megan Fox shared: “Frankly, I’m afraid of her. I never had the chance to meet her and I avoided it. Angelina is a powerful person who can devour me. She is someone I admire and follow. It is my favorite actress in Hollywood, someone who is always straightforward and not afraid to be herself.”

And to be able to receive the respect as seniors, Megan Fox needs to make every effort and choose a more skillful script in the future if you want to get rid of the label “mobile vase”.

Are you looking forward to Megan Fox’s new movie projects?

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