Fun Facts about Mr. Bean

1. Mr.Bean was born for stages:

Although Mr. Bean was first appeared on TV in Jan, 1990; in reality, Rowan Atkinson had developed this character one decade ago when he was studying master of electronic engineer. “In the first semester when studied at Oxford, my friends asked me to write a draft for the play performed at Oxford Playhouse while I had never written anything like this”, Atkinson shared at The Story of Mr. Bean, a part of DVD The Whole Bean. “I was not a playwright at that time, but I had to think what I should set up for a 5-min play within 48 hours. After that, I simply sat in front of a mirror and did some tricks on my face. It was quite strange, but it was very authentic. Therefore, a silent character was established”, he said. 


2. Rowan Atkinson had “bet” on his face:

Since the success of the performance at Oxford, Atkinson decided to make fun of his face. In an interview on BBC World Service, Atkinson shared: “I was not sure whether my acting followed any logic or not, but I thought I had tried my best and believed it could make people laugh. After that, I had not nearly looked at my face. I hoped it would perform what I thought.”


3. Only 14 eposides were produced: At first time, series of Mr.Bean included only 14 eposide; however, thanks to the favor of audiences and the popularity of this character, 2 movies, a series of cartoon, game, and comics about Mr. Bean were born after that. 

4. Mr.Bean was broadcasted in over 200 countries: 

The humor of Mr.Bean mainly comes from his silly behavior without any words. Therefore, Mr. Bean was easy to broadcast in many countries. Atkinson shared in an interview on ABC Channel that in almost countries he arrived, everyone knew and loved Mr. Bean. 


5. Mr.Bean’s name was chosen among vegetable’s names:

A short period after Mr.Bean was broadcasted, this character had his official name. Firstly, his name was Mr. White. However, innovation team of this series started to considered choosing vegetable’s names. This character was almost named Mr. Cauliflower.


6. Mr.Bean could move his ears:

In a talk with ABC Channel, Atkinson confirmed that he could move his ears. Therefore, the scene when Mr. Bean moved his ears was real without any CGI.  


7. Mr.Bean loves… toilet:

An evidence for this strange hobbie was Mr. Bean had participated in a part named The Man Who Likes Toilets in Not the Nine O’Clock News program.


8. Rowan Atkinson “retired” because regconizing that Mr.Bean was childish:

In an article on The Telegraph, Atkinson said that Mr.Bean had to come to an end. “In my viewpoint, the series was very successful according to business aspect. However, this character was too sentimental and childish. I thought I need an abstinence. It is a fact that if someone was too childish like this at his 50, it was really unfortunate”, he shared. 


9. Producing team was very surprised at the success of the series:

In an interview of BBC World Service, producer Peter Bennett-Jones was really excited when mentioned about the huge success of Mr. Bean. “I couldn’t imagine that Mr. Bean has been successful like this and “alive” for a really long time. Over 25, it was a miracle. We actually love Mr. Bean.”

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