Ryan Reynolds Then and Now: His Acting Style Over 15 Years

Ryan Reynolds used to disappoint with the project “R.I.P.D” but he got compliments in “Deadpool” and “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”. Let’s review his acting career then and now!

“Van Wilder: Party Liaison” (2002)

Ryan Reynolds Then and Now: His Acting Style Over 15 Years

Although he started acting in 1993, it was not until 2002 that Ryan Reynolds caught the attention of Van Wilder: Party Liaison. This Canadian actor played the role of Van Wilder, a super rebellious guy who refused to graduate. When staying at school until the seventh year, the story of Wilder attracted the attention of beautiful female reporter Gwen (Tata Reid). The encounter with Gwen completely changed Wilder’s life.

The work didn’t satisfy professional critics due to humorous way of acting, but it was a favorite movie of many young audiences. With a budget of only 5 million USD, the film earned a turnover of 38 million USD. Thanks to this work, Ryan Reynolds began to make a name in a strange way. He expressed in an interview on GQ: “The film made me famous as a party guy. I just walked into the bar and people were willing to offer free wine.”

“Just Friend” (2005)

Ryan Reynolds Then and Now: His Acting Style Over 15 Years

The actor played the role of an overweighed Chris who secretly loved Jamie (Amy Smart), a hot girl at the school. After she said that she only considered Chris “as her brother”, he resolved to leave his hometown and change himself completely. Years later, Chris became slender, handsome, and had a successful career. An unexpected incident caused him to encounter his former crush.

Just Friend earned $51 million. Entertainment Weekly evaluated it as “an unexpectedly interesting comedy”. In the film, Reynolds impressed audiences when disguised as an overweighed guy that many people did not recognize. In addition, he also showed his ability to perform comedies naturally.

“Definitely, Maybe” (2008)

Ryan Reynolds Then and Now: His Acting Style Over 15 Years

With a handsome appearance, Reynolds was suitable for the male lead role in romantic movies. In “Definitely, Maybe”, he played the role of Will, a father who was in the process of completing a divorce procedure. When his daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin) asked about the reason for the divorce, he told her his three love affairs but did not reveal who was Maya’s mother.

The Empire newspaper said the film “has everything a comedy should have: sweetness, humor, and entertainment.” Reynolds’ acting was praised for constantly evolving emotions when paired with three female actresses Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz and Elizabeth Banks.

“The Proposal” (2009)

Many viewers praised and considered this to be the most prominent comedy of 2009. Reynolds played the role of an assistant Andrew who must play the role of the fiance of boss Margaret (Sandra Bullock) when she was in danger of being expelled from the United States. To be able to act as a full-time lover, Andrew brought Margaret to meet her big family and faced many bad situations.

The great combination of Reynolds and Bullock had made the film a success. The Huffington Post commented on the collab of the two stars: “The audience couldn’t help but take their eyes off the screen thanks to the wonderful combination of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. They are really ingenious in comedy and attractive.”

“Buried” (2010)

On the occasion of his debut at the Sundance Film Festival (USA), Buried was praised. They included many compliments for Ryan Reynolds as the truck driver woke up in a coffin. The film revolved around the fight for the survival of this character.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film received 87% of positive reviews with comments: “This is the perfect stage to show the talent of Ryan Reynolds.” This was a rare role that showed his ability to act strong inner. He really broke the frame of his handsome characters before. He breathed a sigh at the conclusion of the film: “I will never complain about anything after participating in this film. More than two weeks in a coffin was really mental torture.”

“Green Lantern” (2011)

Overcoming many heavy candidates, Reynolds was invited to play the hero Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) in 2011. The character was an unexpected pilot who was given a power ring. He must face a destroyer in the universe. However, this project was a nightmare for the actor when it failed in both quality and revenue. This failure dealt a blow to Reynolds, who was on the rise to becoming an A-list star in Hollywood.

Reynolds had been involved in friction with director Martin Campbell since filming. He confessed on Guardian that it was lucky when the film failed because he didn’t need to play Hal Jordan again. Later, when he played Deadpool, he mocked his old role by saying: “Don’t let me become a green superhero (the color of Green Lantern costume)”.

R.I.P.D. (2013)

This was considered a “disaster” of Ryan Reynolds when it received only 13% of positive reviews on Rotten Tomates, and a score of 5.6/10 on IMDb. At the box office, the film also disappointed with a turnover of $78 million, while the budget amounted to $130 million. Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds played the two dead cops, then became the ghost hunters. While the older actor still had memorable moments in the movie, Reynolds was completely lackluster.

“Deadpool” (2016)

The hottest 18+ movie was a breakthrough in Ryan Reynolds’s career. He starred Deadpool, a superhuman with weird behaviors. The work scored thanks to sticking to the original comic and building a protagonist with a sarcastic manner. He often swore and talked directly to the audience.

The movie took full advantage of Ryan Reynolds’s talent in both comedy and action. The bouncy style in comedy with a humorous face and Reynolds’s wobbly mouth completely conquered the audience. Deadpool grossed $783 million to become the most popular 18+ movie in history.

“The Hitman’s Bodyguard” (2017)

Reynolds continued joining the comedy-action series with The Hitman’s Bodyguard. This time, he combined with superstar Samuel L. Jackson to transform into a rival couple forced to protect each other on the runaway. The role Michael of Reynolds was an “out-of-date” bodyguard with a serious style, which was completely contrast to the careless and carefree personalities of Jackson’s character.

The difference between the two caused a lot of laughter in The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Reynolds displayed Bryce’s tacit inhibition when his idealistic perspective constantly encountered obstacles in real life. The face of the actor born in 1976 was both handsome and witty. Besides the humorous screen, he also performed good chases and action scenes in the movie.

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