Dilemma of 8 Hollywood Stars due to their Characters (part 2)

5. Rooney Mara had piercings her breast for her strong personalities character 

Rooney Mara had pageboy haircut, dyed her hair dark, wiped off her eyebrows, and had piercings heer breast to play the role of Lisbeth Salander – a weird hacker in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


After the recording, Mara admitted that this character’s personalities affected her. She continued wearing like Lisbeth.

“I used to dress more properly. Now, I leave my bed and dress any items in Lisbeth Salander’s wardrobe. I really want to become a boy as Lisbeth in the movie.”, Mara shared.  


6. Shia LaBeouf used acid and acted “hot scene” in front of other people

Shia LaBeouf hastened the progress of his character by forcing himself to get into character’s life as much as possible.  

He shared that he had used acid to understand how drug influenced on his character in movie The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman. In addition, he had to have real sex in front of the recording in a scene in movie The Nymphomaniac of Lars Von Trier.

The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman

The Nymphomaniac

“I am moral and I am not crazy.”, said LaBeouf nói. “I don’t think sex is wrong. It is a beautiful thing if we do it in a right way. And I don’t do it without reason. Sex is different from love, and there is a separation between them. That distance is mentioned in the movie.”


7. Robert De Niro worked as a taxi driver during his lunchbreak 

Robert De Niro worked as an authentic taxi driver when he had his driving licence for his character in the movie Taxi Driver. In his lunchbreak after recording hours, he drove taxi around New York City. 

Taxi Driver

In the movie Raging Bull, De Niro not only learned boxing but also rose 60 pounds for his character. Both Joe Pesci and him had lived and practiced together to prepare for the movie.

Raging Bull

Robert De Niro


8. Robert Pattinson lived in poverty to act robber role 

To prepare for character of Safdie brothers in movie Good Time, Robert Pattinson practiced living in poverty. He worked at a car washing store and transfer by metro in New York City to adjust to bank robber character. 

Robert Pattinson also lived in a basement like his character. “I never open the curtain, I slept with my clothes there within 2 months.”

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