Dilemma of 8 Hollywood Stars due to their Characters (part 1)

1. Facing missed-death a few times, Leonardo DiCaprio still concentrated on acting

The character of Leonardo DiCaprio inThe Revenant helped this actor to gain Oscar golden statue. But nobody knows that rough process when recording this movie nearly killed him. He said” Whenever went in or out frozen rivers, I slept in dead animals and ate whatever available in the film studio. I was freezing and my bodyheat was decreasing continuously.” He also commented that if a cat had 9 lives, he had used some of his lives.

In addition, when filming movie Django Unchained, producer Stacy Sher told that in a scene, DiCaprio got into the character too much that he bled his hand by himself. He slapped the table too hard that the glass was broker and chunks of glass made blood from his hand float profusely. Instead of pausing to have first-aid, DiCaprio still acted like there was nothing happened.  


2. Anne Hathaway lose more than 25 pounds to join in Les Misérables

The actress told that she did not eat nothing except drie oatmeal within two weeks to decrease 25 pounds for the character in “Les Misérable”.

“I was obsessed by this – the idea that I had to look like Iwas nearly starving. When I reviewed this movie, it is true that my role was totally different from me in reality. But it was how character Fantine was.”

The actress also cut his hair to understand the grief of the mother who could do anything to keep her children alive. Her contribution was worthy when Hathaway gained Oscar award for this character.  


3. Heath Ledger locked himself in his apartment within a month to get into Joker

Heath Ledger nearly became crazy due to his character which brought Oscar award to him – The Joker in The Dark Knight.

He locked himself in his apartment within a month before recording the movie. He even slept only 2 hours per night during a week of recording because he could not stop thinking of Joker. Members of this project were really worried about him but Ledger was too devoted that he refused any support irrelevant to the character. 

“If you tried to talk normally to him instead of talking about Joker, he would ignore you. He often went to the studio although it was a day off, which made other members really worried. At the end of this project, he was warned of going too far.” – a member in The Dark Knight producing team shared.

A lot of people assumed that Ledger was sunk in Joker too much that leads to his young death because of overdose before the movie was released. Ledger gained his Oscar award for this performance. 


4. Joaquin Phoenix only replied when being called Johnny Cash

In the movie Walk the Line, Phoenix spent a lot of time on learning how to sing and play a guitar. He also required producing team to call him JR, authentic name of Johnny Cash – an American musician who had huge impact in the 20th century.

Afterwards, Phoenix felt ashamed when thinking about that experience. He shared: “I did not fell ashamed about this until now. But at that time, I felt it was wrong when someone called me Joaquin.”

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