Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Divorce Then Begin the Battle for Custody & Huge Fortune???

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West became entangled in rumors of marriage marching and in danger of falling apart.

The couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are probably the most admired couple in Hollywood. The husband is a well-known rapper, while the wife has a rich “empire”. They both have 4 lovely children at present. The Kim family always makes the audience “jealous” of their happiness and warmth. However, the couple has been caught up in a rumor of divorce and started scrambling for custody recently. 

Late last year, the NW magazine raised a question that Kim and her husband were in conflict with each other over religion. The newspaper stated that Kanye tried to take four children to a baptism ceremony but Kim did not agree and led the children to leave. NW also quoted from an anonymous source revealing that Kim believed her husband valued his ego and religion more than children. From here, some people assume that Kim has been tired of Kanye’s conservatism and that is the reason which may lead them come to an end soon. The rumor of their divorce drew public attention that how they would split the fortune of millions of dollars.

The rumors from NW were baseless because at the same week, the famous magazine People reported that Kim and his two older children participated in the Sunday Service organized by the religion of Kanye (a praying activity that happens often, also known as The Sabbath). Thereby, it could be seen that she fully respected and showed no negative attitude towards her husband’s religious activities.

A few weeks later, Life & Style newspaper continued posting news that Kim and their children tried to stay away from Kanye. But in fact, the whole family still took a picture together to welcome Christmas warmly together. Kim also did not hesitate to post photos taken with her husband and children.


Among unknown rumors to get “fame” from the couple, Gossip Cop contacted a representative of Kanye – who was much more reliable than “anonymous sources”. The representative of this rapper confirmed that the rumors of divorce and separation between Kanye and his wife were completely false and the ability of their breakup was impossible.

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