Jessica Alba’s Love Story

Jessica Alba’s love story is a topic in Hollywood. However, Jessica Alba is no longer as concerned as she used to be, despite her amazing beauty.

In the mid-2000s, Jessica Alba was a top Hollywood superstar. From the role of a superhero in “Fantastic Four” to the beautiful image in “Sin City”, she captivated the audience by the enchanting beauty. Even after giving birth, the beauty and body of the female star are still more than attractive to all men. But then suddenly, from 2010 onwards, Jessica Alba started to fade and no longer be an A-list star on the movie screen.

Hollywood filmmakers have often been notorious for having racial preferences when casting actors. Therefore, Jessica Alba is very beautiful, but is limited in the choice of roles because she is not 100% white. In a recent interview, Jessica said, “They couldn’t determine what my ethnicity was, so I always chose a character with a foreign beauty.”

Nowadays, the entertainment industry has changed with many famous stars possessing different skin colors, but Jessica still has difficulty facing difficult roles, requiring deep acting skills to bring back the prize.

Despite being a top It It Hollywood girl in the early 2000s, Jessica Alba throughout the years all participated in small roles. After the remake of the Japanese horror film “The Eye” in 2008, she no longer had a role to attract attention. Even her roles are too small to appear on the poster. This makes the name of the beauty become increasingly blurred in the entertainment industry.

The most successful film that made the name Jessica Alba famous was the first part of “Sin City”, she starred with cult stars like Bruce Willis and Clive Owen. But on the screen, Jessica became blurred again, because the audience was distracted by the overwhelming acting of Nick Stahl as a serial killer. Even Jessica’s “Fantastic Four” superhero film did not leave a deep impression on the audience. Even greater success by starring in Marvel superhero movies, but Jessica has the opposite situation. When she played the role of Sue Storm in the movie “Fantastic Four” in 2005, the work still got poor feedback. Since then, her name has belonged to the name of the movie that was too bad. Even Jessica had intended to retire because of “Fantastic Four”.

The fact is that critics hated a movie to the point of giving it a 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes. It seemed unimaginable, but that was true for Jessica’s “An Invisible Sign”.

A few years later, she teamed up with her acquaintance director Robert Rodriguez to film “Machete Kills”. But Jessica only appeared in a flash and this work also became a bomb.

Joining the romance/comedy genre like “Some Kind of Beautiful”, Jessica continued to experience tremendous failure. Returning to “Sin City: A Dame to Kill” (2014), she also did not receive the attention she desired.

In 2016, the beauty appeared in the movie “Mechanic: Resurrection” with Jason Statham – a cult action movie superstar. It seems that this is a work to revive Jessica’s career. However, it got a lot of criticism. Especially with Jessica’s acting considered too ordinary, any amateur actor can replace her. Someone even said that Jessica was in this movie just to wear a bikini for the audience to watch.

At the peak of her career, Jessica Alba got nominations every two years for the Golden Raspberry Award. This was for her bad performance. That is not necessarily the cause of her downward career. Because even the most talented actors in Hollywood have been nominated for this award. The problem is, Jessica has no Oscar or Golden Globe nominations to remove the gauze. She can’t even appease criticism from the public.

Jessica Alba herself is also the person who put aside the film work himself. She expressed, “I actually stopped acting when I was 27 years old. It’s no longer the work I put my whole heart into.”

Leaving the peak of fame, Jessica gave birth to two daughters and spent time with her family. But this also made her pay by not being able to regain her reputation as before.

Besides, in 2016, she also shared that: “Business is now the thing I love the most”.

What do you think of Jessica Alba’s love story? Do you think she will return soon?

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