Taylor Swift’s Drama After 4 Years (Part 1)

Taylor Swift’s drama: A career thought to be engulfed, on the contrary, sublimated with a series of records only “Miss Americana” could do.

The thought of the most serious scandal career will make Taylor Swift unable to stand up. But after 4 years, she proved eloquently that no one could fall “Miss Americana”!

On March 21 (local time), a scandalous phone conversation between Kanye West – Taylor Swift revolves around the 2016 song “Famous”. It suddenly leaked online. Thus, after 4 years, the truth was out. Every day she faced the two words “poisonous snake” was vindicated.

Immediately, Swifties (Taylor fan community) shared the clip cut from the documentary “Miss Americana” on social networking sites. This segment will surely take away the tears of viewers because Taylor Swift appeared with a blank face, completely collapsed due to the massive attack from netizens. And at the same time, she had to hide for a year to calm her spirit.

Then when everything was clear, let’s look back at 4 years Taylor must live in criticism, constantly being a “poisonous snakes”. Thought everything would engulf her career since the harsh summer of 2016. But no, Taylor always knows what to do and certainly no one has a chance to defeat her!

2016: Hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty (Taylor Swift is out of date) trending all fronts, netizens drop the “poisonous snake” icon

After Kanye West released the “Famous” MV, Taylor Swift appeared in an almost nude pose with shocking lyrics: “I made that b * tch famous” ), Taylor Swift quickly objected to the content of the song.

However, at that time, Kim Kardashian shocked the entertainment industry by posting a series of videos on Snapchat to prove that Kanye West actually consulted Taylor through the obscene lyrics in “Famous”.

Immediately, the singer responded to Kim Kardashian’s video. “Where did the Kanye video tell me that he would call me “bitch” in that song? It really didn’t exist. You don’t have to control other people’s reactions when they call you “bitch” in front of the whole world. I wanted to like that song I want to believe Kanye when he said that I would love that song. I want them to have a close friendship Kanye promised to play it for me, but he never did. Although I want to support Kanye in that phone call but you can’t “adopt” a song you’ve never heard of before. Slandered as a liar when I don’t know the full story or haven’t heard the song. Damage to reputation. I’d love to stay out of this story. The one I’ve never asked to join since 2009 (the case of Kanye getting a mic on the VMAs by Kanye).”

And then what did Taylor get? Support? No, at that time, Taylor’s explanation accidentally turned her into a double-faced person in the public eye. Since then, the voice “Blank Space” has faced a string of days of intense boycotts, many fans have turned their backs and the nickname “snake king” accompanied by this cruel animal icon appears throughout social networks. We can consider this a collective “bullying on social networks” largest Hollywood.

And then finally, Taylor decided to let go of everything. She did not explain anything more. Then Taylor  “disappeared” from the entertainment industry before the joy of so many people …

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