Brie Larson and her romantic love status


As a gorgeous actress who attained numerous impressive roles, Brie Larson’s private life also attracts much attention from the public. At the end of 2019, the reported was impressed by the split of Brie Larson and her five years boyfriend, Alex Green Wald. Furthermore, she was reportedly hand in hand with her new boyfriend at Oscar 2020, just after six months from the split!

 The engagement is not everything.

 After spending five happy years together, Brie Larson and her ex-boyfriends Alex Green Wald called off the relationship with the surprise of not only her fans but also the public. And the reason for the separation is not a thing. They said that they needed more time to look back on the passion in love when their busy schedule took over their time. But, we all know that there wasn’t an appropriate answer.


For your information, the person who holds up Brie’s heart for almost six years is the lead singer of the Phantom Band, a rock band located in the US. The couple first met up in 2013. Three years later, they got engaged in front of close friends and relatives.

 Who is Brie Larson’s current boyfriend?

And the public received shock new again when Brie Larson showed up together with director Elijah Allan-Blitz after six months from her split with an ex-boyfriend, officially confirmed the dating rumor. Dated back to February 2020, the couple appeared at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards, at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Both of them were holding hands and having a lot of sweet actions while looking gorgeous in those outfits. Before the event, rumor had it that Brie Larson was kissing Elijah Allan-Blitz in Calabasas, Califonia at around July 2019.

Allan-Blitz is an actor and director. He leads several movies such as Take Every Wave: Laird in VR (2017) and Envoy (2014). Before involving with Brie, he was reportedly dating Maria Bello and actress Clare Munn.

Until now, the pair seems to maintain the relationship every well. A source spreads that Brie Larson and his new boyfriend are ready to settle down. It might be we will see the engagement of the lovebird comes so soon.

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