Spider-Man Would Appear in”Venom 2″ Produced by Sony?

It’s possible that Spider Man of Tom Holland will have a cameo in Venom 2.

Tom Holland has recently been a prominent name in Marvel Studios, who had made his debut in Captain America: Civil War as Spider-Man. The character he plays also has two parts of his own. According to the latest information from this young British actor, he is discussing with Sony about the possibility of Peter Parker/ Spider Man’s cameo in Venom 2.

The information above was provided by Geeks WorldWide. This site said that the two sides have been still in talks about “Little Spiders”. Daniel Richtman, a member of this site, made his comment on Patreon that this is one of the terms that Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president, agreed to be able to keep Spider-Man in the MCU. However, there has been no official confirmation from the parties involved.

Before, there were rumors that Spider-Man would appear in Venom 1 but it didn’t come true. It was previously reported that Marvel Studios had agreed to allow the Little Spider to appear in six Sony films. Main actor of Venom, Tom Hardy, also said that he wanted his character to face Spider-Man. Even Tom Holland was very excited about the prospect that Venom and Spider Man appearing together on the big screen after Spider-Man 3 directed by Sam Raimi.

Although Spidey has never made a formal contribution to the Marvel universe Sony is building, the possibilities are still open. Still no one can know exactly whether Tom Holland will actually be featured in Venom 2 and the role of him will be like?

Venom 2 directed by Andy Serkis with starring Tom Hardy will be released on October 2, 2020.

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