Kanye West’s Producer Throwing Shades At Taylor Swift

It seems that the “drama” between Taylor Swift and the couple Kanye West – Kim Kardashian will take a long time before it ends.

Every half a month, both sides try to shade each other, stirring up the media.

The couple Kanye – Kim is famous for not being afraid of anyone from the past. And Taylor Swift now doesn’t need to keep the “good girl” image when she bluntly called Scooter Braun’s company “shameless”. A few days ago, so the drama between the two sides will definitely continue to flare up again when given the chance!

Recently, the team of Kanye West took the next extreme action in the “great war” with Taylor Swift, the audience stood in the middle of the opportunity to “inhale the drama” and wait and see the female singer will react like how.

Specifically, in an interview with the Daily Beast on April 27, the male rapper and music producer close to Kanye West – Havoc – shared about the “drama” between Taylor Swift and “Famous”, the song for which he is a music producer. And Havoc’s answer will continue to cause controversy between the two sides.

“I think an artist is an artist, and she should relax with that. It’s not that serious. She has an impressive career, and she doesn’t need to fight. with another artist who is equally popular This is the freedom of speech, She should not go on explaining all the time, explain this issue forever.

Many people are too sensitive in this “game”, but this is the “game” that we all attend. There is no room for the weak, I don’t mean that I criticize her because she’s a woman. Everyone has to prove his or her toughness in the music industry because everything will come to you, whether you like it or not.”

Shortly after that, Taylor Swift voiced objections to the content of the song. However, in 2016, the couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian took “a step” more than a step. In just a few hours, they shared “evidence”, the audio recording of the conversation between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. It shows Taylor Swift knew about the controversial lyrics and she agreed and did not object.

However, a month ago, the conversation was fully leaked online. The audience had a completely different perspective. It was Taylor Swift who expressed her obvious discomfort when Kanye mentioned the lyrics. talk about yourself. Taylor made it clear that she didn’t like being called “b * tch” in the lyrics.

In addition, Taylor also talked about his thoughts and will not make any decisions after Kanye West spoke. Kanye knows that Taylor doesn’t want to be in the lyrics, but still did it on purpose. And the couple Kim and Kanye mutilated Taylor Swift’s speech, pleading guilty entirely to her in 2016.

Currently, Taylor Swift has not made any move. However, given the current personality of the singer “Lover”, soon the world will have the answer!

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