Nicki Minaj Young Beauty Before Plastic Surgery

Known as the female rapper with an extremely impressive figure, Nicki Minaj has been many times in the list of top Hollywood stars. Most recently, the photos revealing Nicki Minaj young beauty surprised many people.


Different from the current fiery appearance, Nicki Minaj of 2006 is a slim girl even with a body like “flat screen” surprisingly. Audiences can only recognize Nicki through his familiar smile and tattoo on his arm. This is also the period when the famous female rapper started officially entering the entertainment world. She then decided to replace her normal body with an impressive 3-round appearance.

Starting his career with a body that does not stand out much except singing talent, only after officially joining the entertainment industry, Nicki Minaj gradually changes. Her behind started to grow unusually large in 2009. Since then, her curves have been gradually formed more clearly. Not only having an oversized butt, Nicki also does many things to improve her sexy butt.

In addition to her signature music works, Nicki Minaj is also famous for her overly showing off. This female rapper constantly appears with tricks to show off her body. Her show-off tricks, especially for her boobs, more colorful than the introduction of her music. Sometimes she used her hands to cover her breasts. Sometimes she did it with her hair, or used leopard-patterned star-shaped breast pads.

But recently, when the photos of Nicki walking into the entertainment industry were discovered by netizens. These photos have “stunned” the public by the dizzying change in her body as well as her facial appearance.

Many people believe that, during the career development period, the female singer’s appearance also changes thanks to plastic surgery technology. But, Nicki never admitted the information above. American Idol judge said her face is different thanks to professional makeup techniques.

Do you think Nicki Minaj looks totally different from her now?

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