Taylor Swift’s Drama After 4 Years (Part 2)

Taylor Swift’s drama: A career thought to be engulfed, on the contrary, sublimated with a series of records only “Miss Americana” could do.

2018: “Reputation Stadium Tour” established a series of terrible achievements, reaching the highest revenue in the United States history

In 2018, “snake king” decided to suspend the production of music and work hard on the tour. The journey of the “Reputation Stadium Tour” begins in the US from May 8 to October 6, ends on November 21 in Japan, and is always out of stock.

According to Billboard magazine, Taylor Swift also officially broke the sales record in the US market since Billboard Boxscore began recording and statistics data on tours from 1990 to the present. Specifically, in the US alone, “Reputation Stadium Tour” has collected 266.1 million dollars and more than two million tickets sold. As such, Taylor also broke her own record of the highest-grossing tour in the US set by a female artist.

And yet, the “Reputation Stadium Tour” ended with 53 shows, helping Taylor bring in $345.7 million with the attendance of up to 3,000,000, pushing the total revenue to $935 million. And also in 2018, the vocalist “Shake It Off” has successfully won all 4/4 nominations at the American Music Awards, including the biggest award of “Artist of the Year”.

2019: “Lover” album is out, continues to rock the world music industry and is to become “Artist of the Decade”

In early 2019, Taylor Swift received the first award of the year in the category of Grammy’s most influential pop music. After that, The Guardian titled her “Queen of Pop”. Next, Taylor Swift was also in three other honorary lists. They were “Top 25 most influential celebrities in the world” by Time magazine, “YouGov’s most admired artists in the world”. She topped the Forbes magazine’s top 100 most earned stars.

In particular, this is also the year that marks the return of Taylor with the seventh studio album entitled “Lover”. This music era continues to bring Taylor to a series of great successes and great victories at many big and small award ceremonies. Among them, at the MTV Video Music Awards 2019, the star not only won the spotlight but also made a music career. She received 3 awards, including “Video of the year” for the MV “You Need To Calm Down”.

This has made Taylor the only artist to have twice won the “Video of the Year” award in the past decade. Previously, “Bad Blood” also helped her to win this category for the first time at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

Coincidentally, 2019 is also the year marking a decade since Kanye West “unjustified” snatched the mic of Taylor right at the VMAs awards ceremony. At that time, Taylor Swift was preparing to speak at the award for “Best Female Artist Video” for the MV “You Belong With Me”. Kanye West suddenly ran up the stage to snatch the mic, cup and let disrespectful words go to Taylor Swift.

This is a huge shock for the vocalist of “Mean”. That moment would never be forgotten in the memory of a girl under the age of 20. So now, exactly 10 years from that fateful day, the innocent singer doesn’t need to say a single sentence. She is willing to give the whole stage. She wants to give the mic to others to help her share meaningful things for LGBT life and community.

Not only that, at the American Music Awards 2019, Taylor Swift continued to “bumper” with 6 awards. They included the most prestigious award “Artist of the decade”. In addition, at the Women in Music event organized by Billboard, Taylor Swift won “Woman of the Decade”. This is enough to see Taylor’s extraordinary talent and ability when operating for 13 years in the music industry.

2020: Backstroke flag, #KanyeWestIsOverParty trending worldwide, netizens all stood up to protect Taylor Swift

After nearly 4 years, all the facts about the drama between Taylor and Kanye came to light. Swifties quickly reclaimed the justice for the idol for after such a long time.

The content of the recently leaked dialogue shows a completely different perspective on the story of the past. Taylor Swift expressed her annoyance when Kanye mentioned the lyrics about her. Taylor made it clear that she disliked being “b*tch” in the lyrics.

In addition, Taylor also talked about his thoughts and will not make any decisions after Kanye West spoke. This is a polite answer from Taylor Swift. Completely opposite to the “script” of the old Kanye West, Taylor Swift “turned”. It was when she heard and agreed with the lyrics “I made that b*tch famous”.

In just a few hours, the hashtag #KanyeWestIsOverParty has been the # 1 trending worldwide on Twitter. That was enough to know how much public interest in this issue is. Besides, hashtags #TaylorToldTheTruth and #TaylorWasRight (Taylor was right) are also being trending. Expressing the wrath of the fan community for a hidden truth covered for 4 years.

For many, 4 years is not a long time. But for Taylor, it is a journey to prove the uprightness and dedication to music. Perhaps when vindicated, Taylor did not gloat at all because all the things happened so cruelly. And more than anyone else, fans only hope that she will always keep the fire and music forever. We believe she will bring true values like the way she has done so far.

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