Who is Madonna dating 2020?

Like all of you, we are wondering: who is Madonna dating 2020? The answer is Ahlamalik Williams. Let’s find out!

Recently, “Pop queen” Madonna was found kissing her boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams, 35 years younger than her, and celebrates her birthday.

On April 25, the singer congratulated his 26-year-old boyfriend on Instagram: “Congratulations on my love. It is impossible to think of a better person to be isolated during this epidemic.” She posted a series of photos of two lovers, traveling or nightclub together.

The singer and her two adopted children Stella and Estere (twins, seven years old) make Ahlamalik’s birthday card. “Happy birthday. We love you,” Madonna’s children wrote in the card. The love affair between Madonna and Ahlamalik is supported by the singer-daughter Lourdes Leon (23), although the male dancer is only three years older than her.

Who is Madonna dating

According to TMZ, Madonna has known Ahlamalik since 2015, when he joined the dance group performing with the singer’s Rebel Heart tour. She directly chose Ahlamalik to be the main dance team. The two have been dating publicly since early 2019, often going together every time they appear in public.

Madonna, born in 1958, is an American singer that we know of as the “queen of pop”. She is famous for her love of young boys. In the past, actor Warren Beatty was the only one older than he ever dated the singer. Before Ahlamalik, Madonna once loved Kevin Sampaio (33 years old), choreographer Timor Steffens (30 years younger), young dancer Brahim Zaibat (29 years younger) …

Recently, she focused on touring around the world, promoting her 14th album Madame X. Tour started in mid-September 2019 and was to end March 11 in Paris but there was a delay because of Covid-19. During the journey, Madonna also had to cancel 14 music nights for health. Some fans in Brooklyn (USA) asked her for refunds for coming to the show two hours late last October.

Does his parent know?

Father of Ahlamalik Williams revealed that pop queen Madonna loved his 25-year-old son despite the age gap.

In an interview on TMZ, 59-year-old Drue first shared about the love of 25-year-old son Ahlamalik Williams with the 61-year-old singer. Mr. Drue said Madonna loved Ahlamalik unconditionally and wanted to devote herself to caring for the dancer.

“Love regardless of age. My son is living a passionate life and I am happy for him,” the father of Madonna said.

Last September, Madonna met her lover’s parents in New York after a Madame X tour night. In November, the singer invited Drue and 55-year-old Lauriee to see her show in Las Vegas. Madonna also invited two people to the house to play and cook dinner for her lover’s parents.

In 2020 Madonna dating life is gonna be a topic again!

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