Ryan Gosling Then and Now: From a Shy Boy to a Gentleman Born for Hollywood Romance Movies

Ryan Gosling, the charming young gentleman in “La La Land”, used to be an abandoned child before becoming a popular actor in love movies.

Experiencing loneliness and isolation from childhood

Ryan came from a poverty background. His parents divorced when he was very young. He lived with his mother and sister. Sometimes he was ridiculed due to the meticulousness, diligence, and reckless calculation of spending. Therefore, he was often bullied and beaten by his friends.

Ryan had to quit school because he could not stand the bullying and discrimination of his friends. His childhood was not smooth. Lacking communication and family care, he had dyslexia, autism, and had to attend classes for students who need special assistance.

In an interview, his mother once shared about his son’s passion for acting: “Normally, the boy was always taciturn and refused to talk to anyone. However, he was incredibly happy and excited when dancing and singing in front of everyone in our family.”


From a young age, Gosling often helped his sister perform music at some party nights. Therefore, his interest in art appeared in this child very soon.

Outstanding talent

At 12 years old, the boy from Canada discovered his ability and love of acting. With a natural talent, Gosling surpassed tens of thousands of other candidates to participate in the famous Mickey Mouse drama club of Disney. This was the first door that brought this child to art.

Going up from there, with a cinematic face, he was quickly invited to play promotion videos and some small roles on television. The first film Ryan participated in was a famous Disney TV production, Frankenstein and Me (1996).

Later, he also took part in many other small roles. But it was not until the controversial movie The Believer (2002) that Ryan Gosling truly proved his talent.

As a fascist in the new era, he received nominations for the best male lead in many awards such as IFP Spirit, Russian National Critics Association and London Film Critics’s Circle. Gosling’s performance in the movie got many compliments from critics. Variety Magazine rated it as “a perfect, explosive and extremely convincing” role.

In 2002, he played the male lead in Murder by Numbers. Although the movie received many bad reviews, Ryan Gosling’s performance in it was highly appreciated. The Entertainment Weekly even praised him for being an “outstanding talent that could shine in any movie”.

A gentleman born for romance movies

Ryan may be best known for his romantic work The Notebook (2004) as the faithful guy Noah. Living in a remote countryside, he had nothing in his hand but the passionate love for the wealthy lady Allie (Rachel McAdams).

Also in real life, the actor was considered as the ideal type of man. After this movie, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were officially in love for over 4 years.

“Rachel McAdams is my greatest love, our love story is even more passionate in the movie.” This sharing of Ryan Golsing had made him melt millions of fans’ hearts. “He is the kind of dream man of any girl”, an audience of the Los Angeles Time commented after his sharing.

Since the success of The Notebook, Ryan had shaped himself a warm, gentle but haunting acting style. Especially the smiling eyes of the actor made so many girls flutter. Therefore, it was no coincidence that Ryan Gosling was often targeted first for heavy roles in Hollywood romance movies.

Depressing color in acting

Rising to become a Hollywood A-list star, Ryan Gosling barely participated in any action blockbusters but turned to the emotional and artistic films which are relatively picky about the audience. The actor said he didn’t like working under the pressure of “number of cost and sales”.

Following the success, he continued surprising filmmakers with the role of an addicted teacher in Half Nelson (2006). The transformation of inner emotion brought him the first Oscar nomination of his career. Critics considered him as a “New Marlon Brando” with acting talent at top Hollywood.

The role of an isolated man falling in love with a sex doll in Lars and the Real Girl (2007)  gave him the second Golden Globe nomination.

His works later such as Blue Valentine (2010), Drive, The Ides of March and Crazy Stupid Love (2011), Gangster Squad (2013) all left a mark with diverse acting styles. 

In 2016, the role of a musician with a passion for jazz continued making him become a bright candidate of the Oscar that year. 

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