Amber Heard reportedly hands in hand with her new girlfriend


Although being surrounded by a lots of unwell rumor in dating relationship, especially the accusations of abuse towards her ex-husband Johnny Depp, Amber heard was spotting happily with her new girlfriend- Bianca Butti.


 After finishing the tough court with Johnny Depp in January 2017, Amber Heard continued spotted dating with the technological billionaire Elon Musk. She has dated with several actor and director before officially happily linked with his girlfriend Bianca Butti- a talented cinematography. Not very surprisingly, they two reportedly cuddled, handed in hand at a domestic airport few days ago, back from LA.  

Amber Heard and her girlfriend Bianca Butti

The ‘Aquaman’ actress looked simply when wearing a wrinkled jacket combined with a white shirt and black skirt. The 38-year-old cinematography is more masculine with a wide-brimmed hat, black leather bomber jacket and dark jeans. Some sources said that: Amber Heard try to reshape Bianca’s style to fit with Johnny’s figure due to the outfit resemblance between them.


This is the first time since the couple were discovered kissing in the town of Palm Springs, California, USA last month. During this time, they often express their affection in public such as cuddling, kissing. Amber Heard also frankly shares that: she is a bisexual person.

Amber Heard and her girlfriend Bianca Butti

A person who obviously linked with Heard told Us Weekly: “Currently, Amber is fine and happier than ever. Bianca always supports Amber, making her feel confident to be around. And their relationship went even further because Amber Heard confessed that she truly loved her new girlfriend.’’


About Amber’s new girlfriend, Bianca Butti is a cinematographer in Los Angeles. Butti diagnosed and figured out that she caught breast cancer in 2015. Luckily, the disease went out by the intervention of doctors with chemotherapy, radiation and even surgery. Currently, the disease seemingly continues to recur and Bianca is looking for other treatments to treat. 

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