What makes Alicia Vikander be out of this world?

Apart from owning for herself a European bold beauty, Alicia Vikander also conquers the audiences by her excellent psychological acting skill in many different types of characters. It is simply to say that the Hollywood career path is the worth present for this little Swedish girl.

Giving up the dream of becoming “Swan” for the Hollywood dream

Familiar with the stage at an early age, Alicia Vikander began to love the feeling of standing on the stage when she joined some small plays. However, at the age of 9, Alicia had a special interest in ballet. She spent her childhood at a Royal Swedish Ballet school. After 6 years with ballet, she had to leave this passion behind because of a serious back injury. At that time, she had to choose between acting or becoming a lawyer. Then she decided to follow her heart for her Hollywood stage.

Maybe the audience just recognized Alicia until 2014, but in the early time, this Swedish name has gained attention after joining the tv series Andra Avenyn (2008-2010). As quickly as possible then she got a chance to prove herself in her first movie “Pure” (2010). Going ahead to the Hollywood stage is not a piece of cake for this Swedish beauty. Alicia Vikander was rejected one to another time for her casting films because of her European outlook. She lost the role of Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) into the hands of American actress Kristen Stewart.

2012: The first achievement of Alicia Vikander

However, the year 2012 marked a memorable milestone in her acting career. Alicia Vikander portrayed successfully Princess Ekaterina “Kitty” in the English version of Anna Karenina. Simultaneously, the Danish film – A Royal Affair in which she participated, was also nominated for an Oscar in the category of Excellent Foreign Language Film. Then, Alicia received the Rising Star Award in England before winning the Best Actress Award in 2013 for the Danish drama “Hotell” at the movie festival Marrakech. Since that time, Alicia rose to Hollywood stardom in the world of American movies.

The European girl, possessing a fragile body but a sharp face and intense eye has become a new charm on the American screen.

2015 – the remarkable year of becoming Hollywood A star

The year of 2015 was a memorable milestone in Alicia Vikander’s career. In 2015, Alicia and her partner “Jon Snow” Kit Harington participated in the Testament of Youth. This movie was a part of the fiction work “The Seventh Son”. A few months later, she left her audience big surprise when playing the role of a sexy robot in the fiction movie “Ex machine”. Fortunately, she won the Golden Globe and BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress. Owning the first Oscar Award, the 29-year-old actress Alicia Vikander quickly entered the world of Hollywood A star.

2017 – A romantic end of Alicia Vikander

Not only succeeding in the acting career, but Alicia also got a happy ending with her boyfriend actor Michael Fassbender. At the end of 2017, they happily hold a secret wedding party, which created a simple and admirable love story ever in the movie city.

Recently, Alicia Vikander has continued the sublimation of her film career. She transformed into the legendary female warrior Lara Croft in the action movie “Tomb Raider” released in 2018. However, the critics did not highly appreciate her performance. Anyway, her excellent acting skill is undeniable.

In conclusion, Alicia Vikander has won the audience’s hearts step by step through her ambition and determination. Hopefully, she will maximum utilize her ability to become one of the most Swedish successful actresses in America.

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