All about Family of Vin Diesel

1. Stepfather Irving H. Vincent:

Vin Diesel has never known or met his biological father. Instead, he considers his stepfather who is Irving H. Vincent as his parent. Irving was born in 1934 in New York. He was an acting instructor and manager. After that, he became a filmmaker and continued working as an educator in acting field after his retirement. At present, he is an excellent professor at New York University. In fact, Irving is a kind man who did a lot for Diesel’s mom and him. He gave Diesel his surname Vincent and took them to his big house in New York. 


2. Mother Nee Delora Sherleen

Nee Delora Sherlen has always been a beautiful and talented astrologer. She gave a birth to twin Paul Sinclair and Mark Sinclair in 1967. Afterwards, Mark Sinclair became the current superstar Vin Diesel. Both of them were separated from their father soon and have never known anything about him. The only thing Delora told her sons were that their biological father was multi-racial. Later, Delora gained much happier marriage with the acting instructor Irving H. Vincent.

Delora supported Vin’s passion about acting very much. She gave his son a book of filmmaking when this young actor was refused by film producers. As a result, he could produce his legendary movies thanks to his mom’s encouragement.


3. Wife Paloma Jiménez

Karla Paloma Jimenez Denagustin was born in Acapulco, Mexico. She worked as a model at her young age. Gaining charming appearance with beautiful body, she became a fashion idol in her country soon. Paloma was outstanding in many advertisements for popular brands such as Pantene Hair Care, Honda Car, and CocaCola.

Paloma sometimes met the rising Hollywood star Vin Diesel when she paid attention to her career. At first, he loved her at first sight while she didn’t care about him. Then Vin had used all of his charm to gain her love. Finally, Paloma agreed to be in the relationship and lived with him. At present, they have 3 lovely children. In stead of having a housemaid, Paloma spends most of her time to take care of their kids and does the housework.


4. Vin Diesel’s kids:

Vin Disel and Paloma have 3 children together 


Hania Riley Sinclair was born in April 2, 2008. She is living with their parents in Los Angeles, CA. She practises judo and jiu-jitsu and hold black belts for these martial arts.


Pauline Sinclair was born in March 16, 2015. Her name was named after Paul Walker to memorize him as a member of Vin’s family.


Vincent Sinclair was born in 2010. He is cute and artistic via many videos that Vin posted on his social networking sites. 

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