Rihanna and Chris Brown: 10 Years After The Incident, He Still Tries To Flirt With Her

After the shocking scandal between Rihanna and Chris Brown 10 years ago, it was unbelievable that Chris Brown was trying to flirt with Rihanna!

Recently, the male rapper attracted attention when commenting on Rihanna’s photos on social networks. Specifically, the vocalist “Diamonds” shared an extremely sexy picture of himself appearing in a recent magazine. Among hundreds of comments from the online community, Chris Brown “listened” to his ex-girlfriend with a sweet saying when he wanted to “become a nightlight to be with Rihanna”.

The male rapper’s comment quickly caught the attention of fans. Many fans left criticism for this rapper. The public has not forgotten the bad things in the past that he did to his ex-girlfriend. Many netizens harshly replied: “Stay away from her, leave Rihanna alone!”.

Luckily, before the words “sweet honey” of her ex-boyfriend, Rihanna did not seem to respond. This made fans excited because perhaps the sad and traumatic past has accidentally lost the beautiful image of Chris Brown in the female singer’s eyes.

Chris Brown and Rihanna were once a very famous couple in the world music scene when they publicly dated in 2008. After the shocking scandal Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna, both broke up and reunited but ended up going two separate ways.

When new wet foot enter the entertainment industry, both Rihanna and Chris Brown are predicted by the big names in the profession to become “great artists”. With the help of music producer Evan Rogers, Riri has the opportunity to collaborate with Jay Z and start an impressive career with the album “Music of the Sun”, the single “Pon de Replay”. That same year, Chris also swept the Billboard Hot 100 chart with the single “Run it!”. This perfect couple quickly became the “princess” and “prince” of the R&B music and were shipper immediately into the target even when both had never met.

When they first met, 17-year-old singer Rihanna introduced the performance of the 1 year younger rapper at the 2005 Vibe Awards.

In 2007, Rihanna became a phenomenon when suddenly transformed with an asymmetrical bob style personality and famous worldwide after a series of hits “Umbrella”, “Take a bow” and “Please don’t stop”. the music “, and the album” Exclusive “also put Chris’ name on the superstar list. It is not difficult for two singers of the same age, to sing the same music and to be famous can come together when they have too many opportunities to stand on the same stage. They quickly “crushed” and dating rumors began when Rihanna appeared at Chris’s extremely impressive 18-year-old birthday party that year.

In 2008, Rihanna, impressed by the voice and charisma of her 1 year younger friend, invited him to contribute a part of her recording produced by Jay Z. After standing together on many concert stages, Rihanna and Chris recorded the first song – “Bad Girl”.

In an interview in the spring of 2008, when asked about his relationship with Rihanna, the young rapper still denied it: “We are close like siblings in the house and like to spend time together.” In fact, they have been hand-in-hand in many places, from swimming pools, shopping malls to Barbados beach of Riri’s hometown.

In the summer of that year, there is a rumor about an engagement. They then both denied it. But the diamond ring on Riri’s hand made fans believe this relationship was official. At least, the fans are assured that their boat has been pushed far away.

In their first years, their love story was as beautiful as a movie. They both achieved many accomplishments in their careers. They were recognized by the public and always had a happy time together.

Rihanna and Chris Brown: A Hurtful History

On February 8, 2009, just before the night of the 51st Grammy Awards ceremony, Rihanna unexpectedly canceled the show at the last minute without an explanation, causing the organizers to be shocked. Just a few hours after the fans realized Riri’s absence, everyone soon understood the reason.

The photos by TMZ flooded the internet. In the photos, no one could recognize that the beautiful singer had torn lips and a face full of bruises. Many doubt the ideal man of many girls could do such a terrible thing to his beloved.

Eight years later, Chris revealed what happened   through the documentary “Chris Brown: Welcome to my life.”

According to him, Riri’s envious fire started when she came across a message from Chris’s ex-girlfriend. “She went crazy, threw the phone away, said ‘I hate you!’ And was about to rush to slap me. But being so angry, I squeezed my fist and hit her lips to bleed. For a moment, I thought: ‘What have I done to her?’ Then she spit in my face, there was blood … making me crazy. I lost control of my body and hit her in the face again. When she hit me, I bit her hand because I was still driving. Then I saw my face full of bruises.

In the story, he regrets and apologizes. However, Chris still implies that Rihanna is sensitive and irritable. “I still love Rihanna, but I will try to be honest, both of us were very angry at the time. And we both wanted to hurt each other. Then we were wondering: What the hell are we doing? “.

This is only one of the times Rihanna was assaulted during a year of two lovers. Chris has repeatedly committed violent acts towards his girlfriend. As a result, he received 5 years probation and 6 months of community service by the court. And he must stay 45 meters away from Riri, except for the shows.

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