3-year Short Term of Tom Holland with Marvel

Through 5 movies, Tom Holland had left big impression in audience’s heart before sending a farewell to MCU.  

Tom Holland has been affected by the conflict between Sony & Disney because two studios has not reached the agreement of their copyrights. This decision has an impact on the role of Tom Holland that he could not play Spider-Man for Marvel anymore.  

From a new face, Holland had been supported to be a young star during 3 years working with MCU. The character of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) helped him to attract a large amount of fans. 


Captain America: Civil War – Discover by Iron Man 

Via videos on social networking sites, Tony Stark (Iron Man) had discovered a teenager wearing a tight red-blue suit could shoot silk to help people away from villains. This billionaire quickly found where Peter and aunt May was living and supported him to develop his superpower.

At the same time, Avengers were facing an internal conflict. The government implemented Sokovia convention which required all Avengers to register their identity so that their activities could be followed. One part agreed with Tony Stark to sign the convention and the others supported Captain America to disagree with this management. 

It was a matter-of-course that Spider-Man supported his uncle Iron Man. After any fight, Peter “attached” with Stark to help him in any dangerous case. He always tried to prove himself being able to join in Avenger Team. However, Stark refused his expectation because he wanted Peter to concentrate on his study.  

Captain America: Civil War was the first season to introduce Spider-Man into MCU. Created in 1962, Spider-Man has always been the most favorite character in the comic. There used to have 2 versions of Spider-Man performed by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. However, until the performance of Tom Holland, it was evaluated highly from Stan Lee đánh giá cao. Lee supposed that Holland was the most perfect version thanks to his height and age which were exactly like what he had imagined when creating Spider-Man.


Spider-Man: Homecoming –  Put father of “crush” into prison 

Adrian Toomes collected the technique of alien legion Chitauri sneakily to create weapons for bad purpose. Peter accidentally discovered the intention of Toomes and tried to prevent it. In one time, Peter tended to be killed by Toomes but he was rescue by Tony Stark. 

Afterwards, Peter accidentally found out that Toomes was father of his crush. However, Peter still decided to chase him. After an unsuccessful trying to kill Peter, Toomes was in danger and rescued by Peter then was sent to the police. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming was the first solo movie of Spider-Man after coming home of father of Marvel. This movie created 880 triệu USD globally. Acting skills of Tom Holland were evaluated highly because he illustrated exactly like a teenager although he was older in real life. 


Avengers: Endgame – The distribution in the last fight  

After Hulk reversed the snap, Peter Parker turned back together with other Avengers.

In the fight, Peter had the mission to protect Nano glove holding 6 stones. Even while he was in a raging war, he didn’t forget to be a friendly boy by introducing himself to other people: “Hi! I’m Peter Parker”. It was his adorable behavior to make Tom Holland become the most favorable Spider-Man”.

Avengers: Endgame concentrated on key Avengers; therefore, it has few acting spaces for Tom Holland. However, he was still outstanding whenever appearing such as Tony Stark reunion scene, fighting scene, and the last minute besides Tony.   


Spider-Man: Far From Home – The successor of Iron Man

Realizing Peter was a smart and brave boy who has features of an Avenger, Tony Stark had believed Peter enough to give him his groundbreaking techology. Because a half of key Avengers had gone away, establishment a younger team was necessary. A large number of people believe that Spider-Man is the most suitable candidate to undertake the position of Iron Man. 

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