After finish roles in Avenger Endgame: What is Robert Downey next step?

If you are a big fans of MCU, may be you can’t miss this new. Robert Downey Jr has come back already. He is the one may be world famous for playing Tony Stark, the genius playboy billionaire philanthropist also known as Iron Man who saved the planet from Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And this is the hot new for his fan, Robert has just starred in the new movie ‘Dolittle’, which released last month in the United States on January 17, 2020, by Universal Pictures.

After finish roles in Avenger: Endgame. And especially, in the newest interview of Today, he did express his feeling when being asked about the new movie ‘Dolittle’.

‘That is honestly a great and fresh experience’ Robert said. Throughout almost 12 years carrying Iron Man’s shadow, he has been received the skeptical that: what if Robert can be the great one in his next upcoming project? And ‘Dolittle’ is the answer.

The movie gets an amazing number: $175 million in first day released. In his newest project, Downey stars in “Dolittle” as Dr. John Dolittle, an eccentric Victorian-era Welsh veterinarian.  This is a remake of Dr. Dolittle, a film based on the main character created by Hugh Lofting, and is primarily inspired by Dr. Dolittle’s Journey. Robert Downey Jr. starred as the title character, along with Antonio Banderas and Michael Sheen in live roles; voice actors include Emma Thompson, Rami Malek, John Cena, Tom Holland…

“Dolittle” is an amazing step for Downey to try a new territory in his acting career. No one can deny that his talent spreads desperately from just a smaller movie ‘Due Date’ (2010) to very glamour franchise such as ‘Avenger’. And even he almost can’t rescue from Iron Man’s shadow. He always tries the new things. Directed by Stephen Gaghan, the film attempts to breathe new life, touching new oddball of comedy and cutting-edge visual effects. Although the 1967’s musical “Doctor Dolittle” flopped but, this one scored a best picture nomination, while the 1998 version starring Eddie Murphy and its 2001 sequel fared better at the box office.

His wife Susan when being asked about her husband roles in the new movie: She said that she has such admiration and respect for Robert and what he does and what he brings not just as an actor but as a filmmaker. He definitely takes his role as sort of head of the acting department, as he says, very, very seriously. And he kind of, in some way, hosts the movie – makes sure the experience for everyone is good.


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