The Kardashian Sisters Burn Neitizen’s Eyes for Many Times (Part 1)

The Kardashian sisters’ family has always been a hot topic of the showbiz whenever they appear at the event or even on the streets.

Moments around the Kardashian sisters family always attract the special attention of fans. Every time attending the event or even fluttering on the street with personality costumes, the Kardashian sisters also make many people admire. Looking at these memorable moments below of the Kardashian sisters in the past 2019, fans will understand why they are so popular and have “invaded” the showbiz during 365 last day.


Kim Kardashian’s first and also the most explosive moment was the appearance of her in a super tight that her whole body was displayed on the Met Gala pink carpet. Kim was considered one of the most noticeable factors at the event that day.

Kylie Jenner was so reckless when she was fully nude on the cover of the magazine.


Kourtney was so stunned thanks to her irresistible beauty in a swimsuit even though she was forty years old. The reason why this image caused a stir was that it was the original image without any editing.

Although it was just a high school party, Khloe also shined in a dress with daring cutout, showing off her big breasts.

Simple but hot, Kim caused a fever with an hourglass body that made her burst out without any complicated costumes. This was also a photo to promote Kim’s new fashion brand at the time.


The moment the Kardashian – Jenner family first fully gathered after 4 years to take a set of magazine pictures. The beauty of all 5 sisters and their mother made other people admire.

After being “cuckold” by her boyfriend for having an affair with Kylie’s close friend, Khloe Kardashian caused a storm when she made a series of gorgeous, tight-fitting, sexy body photos with her sisters to show her high class. 

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