Why Are Bruce Willis and Demi Moore Quarantining Together?

Despite the divorce for many years, Bruce Willis – Demi Moore is still very close. Even, the “Expendable” left his wife and children in Los Angeles to avoid translating with his ex-wife Demi Moore in Idaho, USA.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were once considered Hollywood’s golden couple. Meeting and quickly getting married in 1987, the couple enjoyed an 11-year-long marriage with their three daughters, Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout. However, the couple officially “went their separate ways” in 2000. After the divorce, both still decided to become close friends and take care of the children together.

Even recently, while the disease is complicated, people at home to isolate themselves, the 65-year-old male man has decided not to stay with his current wife, Emma Heming and two young daughters. Instead, the actor moved to the house … his ex-wife and eldest daughters in Idaho, USA to avoid the epidemic. Meanwhile, Bruce’s current wife and her two young daughters Mabel and Evelyn have been staying in Los Angeles for weeks. Because of this, the image of Bruce with his ex-wife and children happily wearing family uniforms to read books makes many people feel extremely difficult to understand.

However, Demi Moore’s daughter, Scout, made it clear. She said stepmother Emma Heming and her children had planned to be away from Bruce Willis and her mother and child but had to stay because of a small accident before departure. “My stepmother and my sisters were planning to come here with us. However, my sister stepped on the needle while playing in the park. She tried to poke the needle into the shoe but ended up stabbing the whole leg. Because so my stepmother had to stay in Los Angeles to wait for the doctor’s results, “Scout said.

The relationship between Bruce Willis and Demi Moore after the divorce received special attention from fans. Sharing about the cause of the breakup, both insisted it was difficult to accept family life, especially at a time of a flourishing career. Specifically, Bruce made a big splash with the first “Die Hard” movie in 1988. And Demi also became more and more famous after his role in the movie “Ghost” (1990).

In her memoir “Inside Out”, actress Demi Moore said: “We were busy in the reels of family life right in the first year of marriage. Looking at the reality of this marriage, I did not even have It’s clear whether the two know each other well. He is proud of his work but he doesn’t know if he is happy with his popularity. “

“I think Bruce was very scared at first, making divorce difficult, I might get angry and not let him see me like many divorced couples. But in fact, me and him again. No, it’s not easy at first, but we nurtured our relationship with all our hearts; and then we kept the affection so that the kids could still feel love. Love from both parents. I even found myself and him more attached before divorce, “Demi wrote in his memoirs.

For his part, Bruce also admits the life of a couple of A-list stars is really difficult. After the divorce, Bruce admitted: “We will raise our three children together, and still close as ever”. Bruce even attended Demi’s wedding in 2005. However, Demi divorced shortly afterward. The 3 daughters of the couple also proved extremely happy because their parents were still close. They still travel together, organize birthdays for the girls. Despite their divorce, they always attend family events and preserve them like they used to.

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