Tom Hardy Then and Now: The Actor Associated with Lucky Masks

When referring to Tom Hardy, the mass audiences immediately think about the image of a British man with many roles covering his handsome face. 

Tom Hardy Then and Now: The Actor Associated with Lucky Masks

A Star with the spoilt past

Tom Hardy was born on September 15, 1977 in a well-off family. His father was a writer, and his mother was an artist. He traveled, met music, and attended prestigious private schools.

Tom Hardy Then and Now: The Actor Associated with Lucky Masks

But Tom was a guy with a strong personality. He was so stubborn and naughty enough to fight usually, to start using drugs at the age of 15, and to steal cars. Expelled from school at 16, but thanks to his good-looking appearance, Tom applied to participate in a modeling program and won a prize.

The acting was what helped Tom dispel boredom after spending time in the glamorous world of models. Although Tom’s roles in series Band of Brothers, and Black Hawk Down in 2001 were small, they were still a good beginning.

Even so, he still could not escape the temptation of the stimulant and alcohol throughout the night. As a result, the first marriage was broken, and his career went to a standstill. This was the reason why Tom made the best decision of his life: Going to rehab to redo his life.

Tom and the masks

Tom Hardy was an actor who followed the principle of living two separate lives. A private life of himself with a small family with his wife Charlotte Riley and 12-year-old son Louis Thomas. The rest of his life was an acting star in the United States and he was considered the “national treasure” of the UK.

Tom Hardy Then and Now: The Actor Associated with Lucky Masks

All of Tom’s current successes began with his impressive return in Bronson (2008). Tom played the role of a muscle guy with a distorted mentality. Then the hit works with depth-filled roles continuously came to him such as Inception, Warrior, Locke, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Max Mad: Fury Road. All of them put Tom on the line of a potential actor attracting box office revenue.

There is an interesting point about Tom’s acting career that he would perform excellently when his face was obscured by 80%. And the number of masked characters Tom has played in his career is not small.

Tom Hardy Then and Now: The Actor Associated with Lucky Masks

Some of his masked characters including the crazy Bane confronted Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, the lonely hero Max Crazy in the chase between the immense desert in Mad Max: Fury Road, the patriotic pilot Farrier in Dunkirk.

Tom didn’t say much about why he had a fate with masked roles on screen. But his close director, Christopher Nolan, spoke out about this: “I was very impressed with the way Tom portrayed in The Dark Knight Rises with just his eyes, eyebrows and a few forehead wrinkles. I really want to see what he will do when he’s covered, even if only one eye is left.”

“Tom is an extraordinary actor, with unique acting skills. With just his eyes, Tom could express much more than what other actors do with their bodies.” Christopher Nolan greatly appreciated his acting skills. And many viewers also agree with that statement.

So, when Sony announced that Tom Hardy was cast as Eddie Brock – the host of the alien parasite Venom, the audience immediately expressed their eagerness and trust. They believed Tom would bring a perfect Venom image on the screen. 

This masked character continued helping Tom succeed with Venom that Sony had invested $100 million. Right in the first week of release, the movie earned nearly 250 million worldwide.

A strong personality man but a dog-lover guy

Ten years have passed, his life was changed to new global fame. But Tom Hardy has always been a strong personality, with an overwhelming ego both on-screen and in real life.

During the press conference for Venom, Tom Hardy did not hesitate to announce to the world: “The movie was cut 40 minutes and they were also the scenes I like best.” He was not afraid to upset Sony studios. In fact, he did not care about that either.

On April 22, 2017, the press reported that Tom Hardy had chased 2 hit-and-run drivers in London. He controlled and caught one of the two. What a fearless actor!

Tom Hardy is not the type to please others. But with dogs, he agreed to become a “servant” unconditionally. People often saw him take care of his four-legged co-star in the studio. In addition, Tom was ready to adopt abandoned dogs. He even wrote a very long letter to commemorate his dog friend who lost due to the disease.

In front of a dog, Tom was no longer a famous star. He appreciated them with the belief: “A dog never does anything to disappoint me.”

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