Kanye West’s Net Worth 2020

Hip-hop artist Kanye West was officially recognized by Forbes as a US billionaire on April 24, 2020. What is Kanye West net worth in 2020?

The 42-year-old rapper, born in Chicago, has been doing business with Nike for years, but he has been doing it since 2013. By 2015, he joined hands with Adidas and launched the brand. Yeezy shoes – cost 200 USD / pair.

In addition to Yeezy shoes, most of Kanye West’s remaining assets come from the properties he owns. Kanye West is the second American rapper to Forbes list of billionaires after Jay-Z.

As of 2020, Kanye West net worth is 1.3 billion USD.

According to Forbes, the $ 1.3 billion fortune that rapper Kanye West owns is largely from the Yeezy fashion brand he founded. West claimed to hold up to $ 3.3 billion.

Forbes estimates Yeezy’s revenue in 2019 could reach $ 1.5 billion. Yeezy’s success and reputation are attributed to Kim Kardashian’s unique marketing strategies and the strong influence of Kanye West’s wife.

How Kanye West spent his money

Kanye West invests heavily in real estate. He and his family are living in a villa larger than 1,455 m2, $ 60 million located in the Hidden Hills, Los Angeles (California, USA). West bought this villa in 2014.

Male rapper also owns a large piece of land in Calabasas, California (USA). In mid-2019, the rapper spends about 121 hectares there to develop real estate projects with houses inspired by the Star Wars series. Photo: Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.

Kanye West and his wife spend about 14 million USD to own a large farm in Cody city, Wyoming, USA. Photo: J.P. King Auction Company.

In the winter of 2018, the hiphop billionaire bought a luxurious 436 m2 large apartment worth USD 14 million in the coastal city of Miami Beach, Florida as a gift for his wife.

Besides the apartment in Florida, Kanye West often gives his wife the most expensive items, the most prominent of which can include a diamond ring worth 4.5 million USD and a Mercedes car cost 240,000 USD. Photo: Pinterest.

The gifts that West gave his first daughter were also worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The billionaire owns a series of flashy, expensive supercars. Typical models in that collection are Aston Martin DB9 and Mercedes McLaren SLR.

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