The Love Story Of Jason Momoa And His 12 Years Older Wife

He was born in 1979 and is 1.93m tall, an actor who is popular with millions of girls. And she was born in 1967, 1.57m tall, once had a husband’s life. This pair of artists has a love story that everyone must admire.

For movie fans, Jason Momoa is not a strange name, especially when the blockbuster movie “Aquaman” he starred in is a box office worldwide. However, for the fans, off-screen, Jason Momoa is a faithful man, having an admirable marriage life.

In the movie “Aquaman” premiere, the woman is 40 cm shorter than Mom Momoa always accompanied her husband. And as usual, nearly every appearance Jason Momoa is for his wife over the age of warm kisses in the forest of lenses. Jason Momoa has always shown his love for Lisa Bonet after 11 years when they went home together.

Lacking Lisa Bonet to 12 years old, when she was famous, Jason Momoa was still a child. The first time she saw her on TV, Jason Momoa believed she was his half even though Lisa Bonet was married. She married rapper Lenny Kravitz at the age of 20 and gave birth soon after. But their marriage soon ended in 1993. Lisa Bonet returned to single life for many years before becoming Jason Momoa’s wife in 2007. However, it was not until October 2017 that the couple had a wedding. formal wedding.

Jason Momoa is famous as a man of the family, loves his wife and children with all his might. He is also always close to his stepdaughter, even Lisa Bonet’s ex-husband. Despite acting with countless beauties, with Lisa Momoa, Lisa Bonet is unique.

“When I was 8 years old, I saw her on TV and immediately I shouted: Mom, I want to marry her. From that moment I was determined to pursue and have her equal. I always wanted to. want to see her. To me, she’s always the queen. I never told her that until we had two kids, “Jason Momoa shared on The Late Late Show.

In the end, that wish came true. They met at a jazz club in Los Angeles. By then Jason Momoa was 26 years old, and Lisa Bonet was 38. “We met at the right place, at the right time, through mutual friends,” Jason Momoa recalls. And from that moment, he began the journey to conquer the woman of his life, whom he longed to meet 18 years ago.

Later Lisa Bonet shared with the press that the first time she met Jason Momoa at the Jazz Club she fell in love with him. Lisa Bonet said: “He did not run away like the other men when he met me. He really helped me up and held his shoulder to me in the most special way.” As for Jason Momoa, “She is the woman of my dreams, who always makes me laugh.”

Fate brought them together even though Jason Momoa was never married, and Lisa Bonet had children and a husband’s life. They welcomed two angels born in July 2007 and December 2008 respectively.

Wherever in everyday life or on the red carpet, they always seem as happy as the first day they meet. Although inferior to Lisa Bonet to 12 years old, Jason Momoa always showed her protection with warm gestures and a tall body, strong arms. At least up to now they’re weaving a beautiful fairytale love story in Hollywood.

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