Top 3 reasons why Revenant brings Leonardo Dicaprio his first Oscar award


Being well-known as an A-list actor of the Hollywood industry, Leonardo Dicaprio carves the beautiful impression in not only movie addicts but also movie critics by numerous excellent roles in his acting career. He attained a lot of Oscar nomination for Best Performance of Actor in a Leading role such as The Aviator, The Wolf of Wall Street, Once upon a time in Hollywood. However, it was until 2016 that Leonardo got his first Oscar for this category with Hugh Glass’s role in Revenant. So, follow us to pick up the top 3 reasons why Revenant brings Leonardo Dicaprio his first and only Oscar award up to now!

Leonardo Dicaprio is under the distinct concept of survival.

With the idea of the struggling towards nature’s hardness and human cruelty, there are two major themes in The Revenant: The Survival and the Revenge. You would be impressed with the beautiful but brutal nature: the cold blue stretched rivers, the grandeur of these snow mountains, the biting winds, and harsh weather. There are vital elements that could knock anyone down.

However, the way people treat each other is crueler above all. In this movie, Leonardo Dicaprio plays as Hugh Glass, a 19th-century fur trapper who seeks revenge on John Fitzgerald, plays by Tom Hardy, who killed his son and left him for dead. This movie is the first time that Leo leads to that harsh survival concept movie. He shared that he tried so much to complete this hard role. Revenant is a motion picture movie with a compelling combination of brilliant, brutality, and compelling acting performances.

 The cooperation between the excellent director and the top-rated casts.

Directed by the talented director, filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu, the Oscar-winning picture ‘Birdman’, Revenant delivered the brutality of nature excellently. Revenant is where anyone must shake desperately their shoulder for the cold, the starving, and the fear of being attacked. One of the highlight points is the excellent cooperation between the staff and the strong casts.

Leonardo and his staffs

The Revenant staff spent with the grueling weather picking up actual scenes. The actors were outside in a cold, hostile landscape. And the conditions were so unbearable that many of the crew members could quit fast enough. DiCaprio had never experienced anything like it before as an actor, he reported. Besides, the star of the Revenant is technical excellence and its visual imagery. Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki and production designer Jack Fisk are the masters at their vision create the most dazzling pictures ever.

The excellent performance comes from Leonardo Dicaprio.

When Leonardo DiCaprio embodied in Huge Glass, a trapper who survived in the Canadian wilderness in the 1800s, he had to push himself far beyond his limits. And eventually, this role represented a remarkable milestone in his decades-long career. Leonardo honorably attained his first Oscar award in Best Performance of an Actor in Leading Role.

Leonardo Dicaprio in Revenant scenes.

One of the memorable scenes in Revenant that no one can ignore is when a huge bear attacks Hugh Glass. Leonardo DiCaprio illustrates this particular scene as the “epitome” of pain. He found himself in situations that tested his skills as an actor as nothing else had before. There is a real tension in the conflicts between Hugh Glass’s survival and his eager to revenge for the most valuable person of his life. 

Overall, the Revenant total gained 78% by TOMATOMETER and 84% positive by AUDIENCE SCORES. Besides, the movie successfully received two other Oscar awards for Best Achievement in Directing Alejandro G. Iñárritu and Best Achievement in Cinematography for Emmanuel Lubezki.

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