Love Story of Hugh Jackman With His 13 Years Older Wife

The most attractive man in Hollywood entertainment, “Wolverine” Hugh Jackman is still more pleased with his wife than he is 13 years old for 21 years despite the market.

In the entertainment industry with many temptations, the love story “soon grows dark” among the stars is frequently encountered. But with handsome actor Hugh Jackman, he made the whole world admired with a happy marriage lasting 21 years with Deborra-Lee Furness. His wife is 13 years older than him, not rich, not beautiful, and not as famous as him.

His first “werewolf” role was in the television series Correlli (1995). It was also in this film that he met his mate. At this time, Deborra-Lee Furness is a famous actor, and Jackman is just a young man in his career. But only after this first acting, the actor fell in love with Furness.

In 2016, Hugh Jackman showed off the old photos of the two when they first met. He shared that at the time, Furness was a peach with a lot of “trees” attached. “I didn’t dare to talk to her for about a week. However, one night after I was drunk, I courageously confessed my feelings for her in front of the whole crew”, the 48-year-old actor disclosure.

Although standing in front of the feelings of a handsome and polite guy, Furness   said she hesitated a lot. “I used to want to turn down Jackman because I promised myself I wouldn’t get to know the same guy and be younger than me. Ironically, he converged both. But somehow, I believe he is a man.” He is the most special person I’ve ever met. I believe we were born for each other, “she shared.

Having been dating for 4 months, Hugh Jackman proposed to Deborra-Lee Furness and she agreed. In April 1996, the couple officially got married on the outskirts of Melbourne (Australia). At this time, the actor is only 27 years old and his girlfriend has turned 40 years old.

Right from the public dating until marriage, the couple has suffered a lot of public opinion. Many people also argue that Deborra-Lee Furness is completely unworthy of Hugh Jackman in both appearance and talent.

While Hugh Jackman is increasingly famous in Hollywood, his wife is not even known in this movie country. His aura completely obscured the poor wife. At some events attended by her husband, Furness was almost invisible, even some fans pushed away from Jackman. Knowing that, the X-Men star always holds his wife’s hand or kisses her on his lap wherever he appears.

The 13-year-old gap has never been a problem in the life of Hugh Jackman and his wife because their love is challenged through hardships and difficulties. However, the couple’s challenge came when Deborra-Lee Furness was unable to get pregnant because she got married too late. After two unsuccessful in-vitro miscarriage, the couple not only did not crack emotionally but also more closely and overcome the fate together. The two people who decided to adopt two children were Oscar and Ava.

The presence of two children makes the small family of “Wolverine” happy and more laugh. “We are two of the best soulmates in each other. Our home is always full of laughter and optimism, excitement. She is a person with many tricks, not just right,” the actor said. Members always use words to talk about their wives and families.

In 2013, Hugh Jackman discovered he had skin cancer, but he said he did not fear because there was always a wife to support. “I am truly grateful to have met her before the worst happened to me. Everything in my career, both on-screen and in real life, I and she always do it together,” Hugh said. expressed on television in February 2016.

Over the past 20 years, whether appearing in splendid costumes on the red carpet or just walking in the streets, Hugh Jackman has always graciously held the hand of his wife who has always been “abused, ugly” by the media. These everyday images make fans so touched.

Perhaps until now, the love story of male stars Logan and Deborra-Lee Furness is no longer measured by the public but instead is admired by their sincere and persistent love, despite the storms, marketing of the world of frivolous entertainment. Pictured is the happy couple on their second honeymoon to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their wedding in the middle of last year.

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