George Clooney Then and Now: The Messenger of Peace

With the image of sparkling platinum hair, attractive blue eyes, charming smile and elegant intellectual beauty in every gesture, George Clooney has become a symbol of the beauty of a gentleman at Hollywood. Now, we should look back then and now photos and stories of this talented director and producer as well as the enthusiastic politician.


Bravely overcame the adversity in his childhood

His full name is George Timothy Clooney. He was born on May 6, 1961, in Lexington, Kentucky, United States in a family of many celebrities. The boy combined Irish and German blood in the family where his father was a famous journalist Nick Clooney and his mother was a runner-up Miss Kentucky. Many of his relatives were also famous in art field. Inheriting the tradition of the family, from an early age, George Clooney was gifted in art. He even participated in his father’s talk show on American Movie Classics Channel and had been loved by many audiences. 

However, when he entered high school, a major incident happened to the boy. Clooney suddenly suffered from Bell’s inherited syndrome from his father, which caused the boy to be paralyzed on the face. For a year, the boy had to close one eye and could not eat normally. At that time, George also suffered cruel teasing from his friends. George Clooney used to share: “It was the worst stage in my life!”. However, his childhood at the Catholic school in Kentucky helped him to have steel discipline and clear ideals to overcome adversity. He once confided: “It was those challenges that made me stronger and more courageous. And after I got sick, I knew I was a different person. ”

After recovering from illness, George determined to become a professional baseball player. To nurture that dream, while studying at the University of Northern Kentucky where he was major in Radio Journalism, the young man did all the hard manual labor.

However, the turning point in his life came when George was not admitted to the Cincinnati Reds professional baseball team. At that time, with the introduction of his brother, actor Miguel Ferrer, he decided to try acting career. And perhaps, later George himself did not expect that it was a decision that completely changed his life!

The most talented superstar at Hollywood
In 1982, after moving to Los Angeles and trying to venture into Hollywood, George Clooney started with a few unimpressive roles and participated in television advertising. In the following years, with persistent efforts, he began to attract attention in dramas such as The Facts of Life, The Golden Girls, Sisters and especially the amorous boss Booker in Roseanne. The young actor also began to invade the big screen with many movies such as Return to Horror High, Grizzly II: The Predator, Return of the Killer Tomatoes, etc.

George Clooney played the role of Booker in Roseanne

However, in 1994, George Clooney actually shined as the amorous doctor Douglas Ross in the comedy E/R that made many women ‘s hearts sobbing. With this film, he began to be invited to play important roles in movies such as From Dusk Till Dawn, One Fine Day, Batman & Robin, which was highly evaluated. In 1997, he started pairing with other stars such as Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez. His starring many movies such as The Peacemaker, Out of Sight, Full Tilt Boogie, Three Kings were all praised by critics and audiences. 

George Clooney played the role of Dr. Douglas Ross in the comedy E/R

George Clooney & Jennifer Lopez

George Clooney and Nicole Kidnman in The Peacemaker

In 2000, George Clooney’s career flourished with his role in the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? and won the Golden Globe Award for the category “Best Supporting Actor”. In the same year, he began working as an actor as well as director in the summer blockbusters The Perfect Storm and Fail Safe.


“Messenger of peace”

As of 2012, George Clooney had won 1 Oscar, 2 Golden Globes, 63 awards and 117 other nominations from global and American film associations. He was also ranked by Time magazine on the list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

In addition to the image of a veteran actor on prestigious red carpets, the public also remembers the image of Geogreo Clooney as a politician who always strives to claim the rights of the community.

There seems to be no humanitarian and peaceful activity on American happened without Clooney. He was always actively involved in healthy political activities, on the side of the poor, LGBT community and disadvantaged people around the world. He also helped victims of disasters such as 9/11 terrorism, Katrina storm, earthquakes in Haiti, tsunamis in Indonesia. He also often gives a speech in propaganda in many places to fight for peace.

With a series of prestigious awards, George Clooney has always been the love of many generations of audiences. He then and now has always showed his enchanting endurance, which is the charm of a true timeless gentleman!

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