The revenue of Bloodshot was held back by Coronavirus Pandemic

‘Bloodshot’ supposed to take the spotlight at releasing day with the distinct concept and fantastic trailer of Valiant’s Universe. But the truth is: it got a terrible flop due to Coronavirus Pandemic.

 Among that uncontrollable pandemic, numerous of anticipated blockbuster movies suspended and delayed without any notice. Leading up to that project is The James Bond movie “No Time to Die” of United Artists Releasing. ” No Time to Die” set to release in November 25 this year. Paramount also delayed “A Quiet Place Part II” without the official schedule. And the new project of Disney, “Mulan” was postponed too. Another upcoming movie of Vin Diesel, “Fast and Furious 9,” was pushed from May to next April, 2021.

Released in that situation, “Bloodshot,” Sony’s Vin Diesel-starring superhero movie based on the Valiant comic book, that hit theaters over 2 week and honestly received not only bad recommend from movies critics but also the floppy revenue due to that pandemic status . It could be one of the last major theatrical releases for a while.

 “Bloodshot” could be one of the last major theatrical releases for a while as studios delay release dates and theaters shut down across the US. And as result, the sale ticket of Bloodshot held back desperately. The movie earned just over $9 million in the US in first week and $24 million worldwide, which gaining the worst total revenue in more than 20 years, while the production budget paid up to 45$ million.

Answering about the main reason, the’ Bloodshot’ producing team infirmed that: The Coronavirus Pandemic caused to floppy sales in ticket. The sale ticket dramatically held back. The producer supposed it would have performed the best in China, where every theater remains closed. Currently, Sony announced that Bloodshot would have released with digital purchase on March 24.

The Bloodshot producing team strongly confirmed with Business Insider: Release Vin Diesel’s new valiant during the coronavirus pandemic is not a bad idea just because of the low revenue. They said that they were right in the epicenter. We’re all ambiguous about this situation. They could have hold the releasing day to next 3 month or more, but who could guessed what would happen in next 3 month.  It is a tough situation for everyone. So, this is also the main reason when the releasing day of Bloodshot would not have changed.

While supposed that caused floppy sales, “Bloodshot” at least touched audiences and guilded them to the brand.


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