What are the differences between Venom 1 and Venom 2?

Looking at some of the achievements that venom has achieved, we can see that this movie was a big hit in the world of filmmaking. Venom hit the theater on 5 October 2018. Then it successfully gained rain of compliments from both the audiences and viewers. It reached a huge revenue of $856 million worldwide and surprisingly became the seventh-highest-grossing film of 2018. Significantly, this movie established some notable records in October 2018. Based on these good results, Sony has enough reasons to carry out its sequel “Venom 2”. This movie will hit the big screen on 2 October 2020. Reportedly, there are some significant changes between Venom 1 and 2.

1. The sequel concentrates on the villain Venom – Carnage

In the sequel, Venom and Eddie will have to fight one of their strongest and most brutal enemies – Carnage. However, fans who know Carnage’s origins in the comics, argue that Sony may have to brainstorm to adjust the content of part 2 accordingly. This time, the plot will focus on the main character played by Woody Harrelson as the role of “Cletus Kasady”. He has been possessed by the equally dangerous and one of the most notorious villains from Spider-Man mythology: Carnage. The symbiote will find for itself a perfect host. Fortunately, Cletus Kasady is right there for it. However, Carnage is a pure devil under the control of Cletus Kasady who is full of ruthlessness and creep. Anyway, it is visually better to witness this movie.

2. Venom 2 stays under the same roof with Morbius

After the trailer was released, Joker DCEU-Jared Leto’s portrayal of vampire Morbius was revealed, along with the MCU universe has been almost confirmed to 99%. In addition to the Spiderman poster with the words “killer”, at the end of the trailer, the villain of Spider-Man in Homecoming, Vulture played by former Batman-Michael Keaton also unexpectedly appeared. Besides, in Sony’s Marvel Character Universe, Venom and Morbius can be in the same world as Sony’s expectation. Therefore, Venom will possibly meet his favorite enemy again.

3. Peter Parker possibly show his face again in part 2

For a long time, Sony always wanted Venom and Spiderman to appear together on the screen, this ambition has been conceived since The Amazing Spiderman (2012) was remade. After that, the plan was almost rejected, until Marvel witnessed the explosion of Tom Holland, which caused Sony to rethink. Therefore, in the near future, when the negotiations between Sony and Marvel Studios become more certain, a provision of Venom and Spiderman’s collaboration on the big screen is possible.

4. Venom 2 will be helmed by the director Andy Serkis

The first part of Venom became successful thanks to the director Ruben Fleischer. He cleverly built an interesting image of Venom (played by Tom Hardy). however, in the next sequel of Venom will be helmed by the talent director Andy Serkis who thrills audiences around the world by many blockbuster movies such as The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King (2003); King Kong (2005); The Prestige (2006); Black Panter (2018)….

5. Part 2 is set in San Francisco

Another new point that the audience can see that Venom 2 will be set in San Francisco which is different from the previous concept. According to the Production Weekly and Comicbook, Tom Hardy did confirm that Venom 2 finished its scenes in England and then moved to San Francisco (American) to do the final scenes accomplishment. Personally, this will make help creating a new interesting space and help the audiences fully enjoy this upcoming blockbuster.

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