17 Emma Watson’s Ex-relationships (Part 1)

Although Emma Watson’s current relationship was kept in secret, she had gone through many love affairs with talented actors, players, or rich tech-businessman before. Let’s look back at her lovers then! 


Tech-businessman Brendan Wallace (Oct 2018 – early 2019): The couple was first seen together at a Mexican restaurant on October 13, 2018. After that, they hugged each other and sunbathed together on the beach. Brendan Wallace was the co-founder of Cabify, the largest ride-hailing service in Latin America. Brendan also co-founded and ran the investment on company Fifth Wall.


Actor “Glee” Chord Overstreet (from early 2018 to May 2018): In the early of 2018, the “little witch” was still happy with actor Chord Overstreet. The couple held hands and walked around Los Angeles without being afraid of paparazzi. However, this love just lasted 6 months.


Robert Pattinson (late 2017): Rumors of the “Harry Potter” actress and the “Twilight” actor dating occurred at the end of 2017. At that time, both of them were single, so many fans believed in the charm between the witch and the vampire. But Emma Watson used to tell New York Daily News: “We’re just friends, but he’s definitely a great person to work with.”


Technology expert William Knight (2015 to 2017): William Knight had been the longest-standing boyfriend of Emma Watson, though it only lasted more than two years. William, who worked in Silicon Valley, was considered being a very intelligent, energetic and wealthy person with an average monthly income of about 150,000 USD. William’s mother confided that she met Emma and liked the actress very much. It seems to be Emma’s rare serious love affair, but it didn’t last long. The couple broke up in the summer of 2017.


Actor Roberto Aguire (2015): In October 2015, Emma was seen having lunch with a handsome guy in Los Angeles. Netizen quickly realized this guy was Roberto Aguire, who was an actor and film producer born in 1988.

Roberto did not confirm his relationship with Emma, but he revealed that she was a special friend and the two had known each other since filming “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” in 2012. “I was a trainee in the special effects room at the time. One day, we had a chance to meet and we spent half a day exchanging stories and dancing together. After that, we have kept in touch and now she is one of my best friends.”


Prince Harry (2015): One of Emma Watson’s other rumored lovers is the famous prince of England. When the rumors spread, everyone was excited and secretly hoped this was true. However, Emma denied it on Twitter. She believed that girls did not need a prince to become a princess. The actress also reminded the fans, “Remember we used to say don’t believe everything the media wrote, right?”


Singer Harry Styles (late 2014): When Emma Watson and Harry Styles randomly matched at the British Fashion Awards on December 1, 2014, fans were almost crazy about the beauty of this couple. Netizens were eager to pair Emma up with Harry. Therefore, they were really happy when seeing pictures of this couple secretly dating in a football match. However, it seemed that this relationship also quickly faded away.


Matthew Janney (2014): Before meeting Harry Styles, Emma spent nearly a year dating rugby player Matthew Janney. The couple had a romantic vacation in the Caribbean in the summer of 2014. Emma also moved to live with her boyfriend. When breaking up, the actress revealed that she felt uncomfortable in her relationship with this handsome player, partly because of the public’s overwhelming attention.


Student Will Adamowicz (2011 – 2013): The actress born in 1990 used to had a beautiful student love story with the college student Brown, the son of an American millionaire. At the time, Emma was studying an English course at Oxford University and met Will there. After two years of the attachment, the young couple broke up with the reason that Emma thought she wanted to focus on studying and she was too busy with film work.

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